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Christelle Hallot Avocat

Lawyer in Nice since 2011, I have a strong experience with Anglo-Saxon clients and I work hard to provide the level of service my Anglo-Saxon clients expect. Fully licensed to practice in all regions of France, my office is located in Nice.

As a resident in France, you are required to comply with French laws and regulations. All too often, people think that they are compliant with all of the rules or simply unaware of them until it is too late and find out the hard way that they ran afoul of the law. This may end up costing untold grief and money to the uninitiated. 

Do you have some concerns as a prospective real estate purchaser? A current property owner? A vendor? Or, perhaps, a tenant looking to understand your legal rights?

Let her assist you and help put your mind at ease by ensuring that you are aware of all of your rights and obligations under the law.

Condominium issues:

Actions to contest or recovery costsDisorders affecting the common elements and the unitsActions concerning property agent ("Syndic"), professional or volunteerDisputes general meeting of ownersAttacks on public areas or private (claims, defects ...)Neighbourhood disorders

Other areas of intervention:

Damage (general contractor litigation)Neighborhood disorderAbusive termination of the leaseServitude, easement, opening up action, action for title and possessionClaim of owner ship Leases, eviction, unsanitary procedureRecovery of rent and charges,Litigation arising from joint ownershipAssistance amicable and legal expertiseImplementation of procedures before courtsProperty management agent

Contact her office to discuss how she can support you no matter the nature of your legal problems.


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