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Brain Performance

Improve learning and enhance memory skills with brain training sessions. For children & adults.

Do you have a weak memory? Is your child struggling with learning at school?....perhaps trouble with focus and attention span? Have you recently found it more difficult to remember the names of friends, places, songs?

Train your Brain!

Have fun and improve your skills though targeted one-on-one brain training sessions.

Improve memory, logic, attention, confidence and more.

After a cognitive test of your abilities, Brain Performance will set up a tailor made program to strengthen your weak areas and improve your skills.

All our procedures are non-academic, targeted, and fun yet challenging.

The one-on-one training sessions are 45mins long, at your home, your office, your school...

We do “summer brain training camp” as well as a “booster program” before the start of the next school session or important/challenging meetings!

For further details, check our website or call Brain Performance:  06 95 74 14 32

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