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D&K Interiors - Interior Sud

Whether your room needs re-styling, you need new accessories or you want to build your dream home on the Riviera, Geraldine Darlington, her partner Pia Karlsson and their team can help. Traditional, modern and new build projects, stylish, elegant designs

From sofas and dining tables to small, specific decorative pieces such as candles, the boutique also has one of the largest selections of fabrics, hand picked by the owners in countries such as France, Italy, the United Kingdom and beyond. 

Pia and Geraldine stop at nothing to bring the best and the unique to their shop- whether it means finding antique pieces in China, Spain or Morocco, the owners have gone to great lengths for Interieur Sud to have the perfect feel. 

Not only is the merchandise exclusive but the service is friendly, international and attentive, catering to your every need no matter what side of the world you hail from. With its vast range of qualities, it is no wonder that Interieur Sud has become a favorite on the French Riviera and the international scene alike.


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