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ASTEMA Infrared leak detection specialist.

Mystery leak? Unexplained dampness? Stop guessing. Using latest technology such as thermal imaging, we detect the source of hidden leaks, water infiltration and excessive humidity problems without destruction. Villas-Apartments-Offices-Gardens-Pools

Astema infrared leak detection is based in Valbonne and serves the English speaking community in the PACA region. We find the source of hidden leaks, unexplained water infiltration, excessive humidity problems, mysterious water damage and more.

Using the latest scientifically proven methods we help people with leaky issues in pools, cold and hot water plumbing, roofs, all type of drains and gardens. The means we use is strictly non-destructive, meaning subsequent repairs are surgical with minimum inconvenience and destruction. We also have the ability to locate and trace buried utilities without breaking or digging.

Furthermore, our thermal imaging services see the invisible and pinpoint areas of energy leaks, heat loss, air infiltration, missing insulation, electrical leaks and hotspots and other hidden issues for pre-purchase inspections or renovation projects.


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2 years ago