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DJ Riviera Construction

DJ Riviera Construction, based in the French Riviera specialise in building services including construction, extensions, renovations and pool houses. We have a portfolio of satisfied customers. Our craftsmen take care of you from planning to construction. DJ Riviera Construction

The company was founded in Poland. Now rapidly expanding in France, where we have established. We specialize in construction, building homes from scratch, swimming pools, roof, interior renovations, glazurnictwie and painting.
We have extensive experience on both the Polish and French. Our qualified staff will fulfill all your dreams of the perfect home. As evidenced by the multitude of satisfied customers.
We invite you to cooperation.


We specialize in:

Building homes from scratchRoof constructionConstruction of swimming poolsThe work of masonryComprehensive interior renovation, and their arrangementGlazingPaintingConstruction of cardboard-plasterConstruction work from A to ZBuilding houses

We offer you the opportunity to build a professional home from A to Z. We will take care of everything from design to the commissioning of the house finished to order.

With every project we provide:

Many years of experience in this type of projectsProfessional services and technical advice at the highest levelEfficient and reliable professional construction crewsThe timely commencement and completion of the buildingWorks in three phases: raw state, the work of developers, turnkey worksOn request, assist in the selection of the project so that it is compatible with the designated budget to build a houseQuick purchase and transportation of materials of the highest qualityConstruction of pools

Private backyard swimming pools are no longer just a distant dream, increasingly more and more people can afford to own private pool. When deciding to build their own swimming pool we can give no repetitive style and charm of our house, and we can provide a rest after work, relaxing on sunny days, and a place for parties on summer evenings.
Our company offers a variety of pools with varying degrees of trim and finish, so that everyone can fit a pool for your needs and requirements.

Roof structures

The roof is undoubtedly a very important architectural element. It should match the color to the façade, emphasize the style of your home, you just - decorate it and make the whole shape of the building fits well with the surroundings. The roof, like the whole house is an investment for many years.
Building roofs are very responsible job, so its important to entrust them to the company best prepared with an experienced and well knowledgeable in his field a team of professionals.
We cover all materials such as sheet metal roofing, ceramic tile, cement tile, bituminous shingles, wood shingles, and others.

Interior renovations

We do all the renovation and maintenance services, interior decorating such as: tiles, floor tiles, partition walls,gypsum board, painting, plastering, wallpapering, floor and wall panels, electrical, plumbing, ceilings.

The materials of the highest quality, service performed by a staff of specialists.


Our company is also painting the building. We use the traditional technique of painting and spray painting.
Traditional Painting is a cheap way to finish the interior or the security facade. Traditional painting is done by us using many types of rollers and brushes, depending on the ink, substrate and structure you want.

Spray painting is the fastest and cheapest way to finish the interior and the achievement of results at the highest level. The rate of spray varies from 300 to 1000 square meters per day.
So if you need to paint the house, elevation and other objects thoroughly and as quickly as possible to help you.


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