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Lingoda is an online language school that offers CEFR certificate courses in English, French, German and Spanish. Our interactive group and private language lessons are taught exclusively by native speaking teachers, available 24/7, and are tailored to your needs. 

Lingoda was founded with the mission of making learning languages easier, more convenient and more affordable. 

We pride ourselves on providing maximum flexibility, and our teachers and language advisors work closely with each student to reach his or her desired goals. Upon successful completion of a course, students receive a certificate that can be used for visa or university applications, for example. 

Lingoda offers all the advantages of a traditional language school, but with the flexibility to learn when and where you want. Whether you want to refresh your high-school French or need to learn German for a business presentation, we offer customized learning plans that help you achieve your language goals in the most efficient way possible.

Get in touch with us or visit 
http://www.lingoda.com to find out how we can help you!


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