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New Life in France

French language school located in Sophia Antipolis (06). Our method is simple, practical and insures a good progression in a warm and nice environment. Individual or group lessons (up to 6 people max) can be taken at the school or at the student place.

Whether youre in France on a temporary assignment or a more permanent basis, learning French is the best way to integrate into the community and feel « at home ».

Learning the language is the first step towards understanding the rich culture, and enjoying the wonderful lifestyle in the south of France.

Since 2000, New Life in France provides tailor-made French lessons and has helped many people learn the French language. Our accomplished method, the result of more than 10 years of experience, ensures we understand the unique needs of our students.

Understanding the difficulties faced by foreigners new to France, we want our French lessons to be as beneficial as possible.

We believe that the special philosophy of New Life in France is the best to help expatriates lead a more comfortable and rewarding life in France.

From individual lessons to group lessons (never more than 6 students in a group), New Life in France gives you a rank of different learning formulas, based on your level, pace and will.

Learning French is the best way to truly understand French society and culture, and achieve the maximum benefit from your time in France. Living in France is not always easy, learning French will make it easier.

The objective of New Life in France is simply to teach you French and to give you the confidence to use the French language in your daily life. With our simple, gradual and effective method we will teach you the French language in a comfortable and friendly environment.


New Life has established a method that can provide you a guaranteed progression. Each different facet of the language is studied carefully until it is understood. The 4 skills are used (written and oral understanding, written and oral producing) and the themes are chosen in order to be used in your immediate french-speaking environment.


We support you step by step in your progression, being sure that you are making the progress that you expect. Our teachers are dedicated to your learning.


We adapt our lessons to your personality and aspirations. Our questionnaire ensures we understand your individual needs and expectations.

Other Assistance

We know by experience that living in France can sometimes be difficult for someone learning the language. Having the right contacts can make all the difference. New Life in France has an extensive list of helpful contacts, and we encourage networking between students and these external groups...




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