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Provence Search

Searching for Provence property from abroad is not easy. How to contact the countless vendor agencies and where to buy? The solution is hiring PROVENCE SEARCH. We are your adviser and do all the legwork for you - with access to 100% of the market.

If you need help finding your dream property in Provence, consider engaging an experienced and licensed search agent. Aix-en-Provence alone has more than one hundred vendor estate agencies and many don’t speak English. Prices of properties sold are not publicly available in France and the property market is not transparent. 

Estate agents are hired to get the highest price for the seller and as a buyer you do well to hire your own search agent. PROVENCE SEARCH is a licensed buyer’s agency run by tri-lingual lawyer Sophia Mose. We do not list properties and exclusively represent property buyers in Provence and the Côte d’Azur.  

We pre-visit and select the best properties for you, negotiate the best price and guide you throughout the entire process, ensuring you structure the purchase efficiently and that the purchase runs smoothly.  We always save our clients time, money and stress. 

It’s never too early in your search to contact us! We look forward to hearing from you for a free initial consultation. 

Client Feedback:

“Your knowledge of the local market, housing options and the negotiation process was superb and your help with the international banking challenges that we faced during the process really went above-and-beyond. “

“It would have been impossible for us to work through this process on our own at a distance without your help.  In retrospect, the process was much easier that we had read about or ever imagined, thanks to you, and we would certainly recommend Provence Search to others that are pursuing housing in Provence.”


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