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3rd party / knock for knock

Posted by ian81-188951 - Created: 13 years ago
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Posted by jivebaby-189615 - 13 years ago

If you don't claim then you will clearly be better off. In the UK you wouldn't have to submit a claim - if you can legally avoid the hassel maybe this is the route you should explore?

No longer curious or puzzeled ;-)

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Posted by ian81-188951 - 13 years ago

..sorry explaining these things can be a tad difficult. He did stop after hitting me and also damaging the other side of his car and we did the paperwork. As I was stationary at the time of impact I feel he was to blame and rather than the insurance hassle was happy to let it go but he insisted. So reported it to the agent expecting that to be an end of it only told that damage repair costs would be shared equally which could affect my no claims.

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Posted by jivebaby-189615 - 13 years ago

I'm curious - you didn't say whose fault it was. If it was your fault and you are happy with the "distressed" designer look then this sounds like a result. If this is the case, why are your insurers involved? I am now puzzled.

Moreover if it ws the other paries fault, and he/she has driven off into the sunset (heading west then?) you have a fat chance of claiming, but bearing in mind you are not bothered, from puzzld I move back to curious.

Why is the insurance co agent involved if you are not making a claim?

You could take to a repair shop and get an estimate for zero. You'd be happy, the bureuacrats would be happy - but hell, the agent would be puzzled.

I am just curious..........