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Advice: Car registration

Posted by Julian - Created: 7 years ago
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Posted by chb55 - 7 years ago

To register it in your name you would need proof of your address, a utility bill or similar. so that will not be possible for you. You can get a temporary registration I remember, these have red number plates and are valid for 6 months so the procedure is probably a lot easier. I did that once for a new vehicle (so the dealer arranged it for me). I realise you want to make it as easy as possible to register it in the UK, and having it your name would help this, but there is nothing to stop you driving around for a week or so without registering it and going into UK with all papers ready to register it in your name upon arrival. Most Axa insurance offices have an english speaking person. but not sure about getting 2 weeks insurance, as you are not allowed to stop insurance at will in France, it would be easier to get your UK insurance to cover you for the drive back. Please note that normally the CT is valid for 2 years but has to be less than six months old when the vehicle is sold, anything longer requires special paperwork - so most sellers will get a new CT when the car goes up for sale.

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Posted by wendy-3 - 7 years ago

The general rules to register a classic (one over 30yrs old) are slightly different than a normal car. Have a look at this page as a way to get started: http://riviera.angloinfo.com/information/transport/vehicle-ownership/buying-a-used-car

Registration would take place at the Nice Prefecture (there's no road tax in France): http://www.alpes-maritimes.pref.gouv.fr

English speaking insurers here (AXA Agence Limonier are easy to reach in Nice): http://riviera.angloinfo.com/af/22/french-riviera-insurance-car-home-life-travel.html

But I'm just wondering, because you're not resident in France and esssentially, you're buying for export, it may all be completely different (I have no idea), but I can't imagine that it would work the same way it does if you're resident. I suggest you contact The English Car Mechanics, they're local specialists in the import and sale of classic cars. If anyone knows how it all works, they do. 


Bus: depends where you're trying to go...

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