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Advice on car guarantee offered

Posted by Alia.Delahoy - Created: 5 years ago
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Posted by Alia.Delahoy - 5 years ago

Thanks Anthony yes the breakdown service seems a little odd, I think we may be better to gamble not to take the guarantee. As you say these companies are there to make money.

Thanks for your reply.


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Posted by GAnthony - 5 years ago

Alia, before signing anything, all of your questions should be answered by reading the small print on the proposed contract.  If this company does not provide this information. it is time to say good-bye.  Generally a 3.5 year old car should be fairly safe to buy unless there are obvious signes of damage or misuse.  Again,things that they will cover should be clearly specified in the contract, but beware of items that they will not cover because of fair wear and tear.  Also, do they cover the cost of recovering the car and your cost of getting home?  Where will they take the car when it breaks down?   Is this all clear in their contract?   The cancellation arrangements should also be clearly stated, and of not then it is suspicious indeed.   Good luck on this one.   It is a minefield.