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Antibes vers Valbonne

Posted by Big Bear-323387 - Created: 4 years ago
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Posted by ESS-209984 - 4 years ago

There is a camera on this road from Antibes to Lucioles - just after the right hand exit for Vallauris, where you dip down the hill and round to the right.   A small slip road joins you on the right here.   This area is 70 kmh, and stays at that limit until you get past the traffic lights that control the exit to the left  for  Mougins, and you get up and over the top of the hill here .

I have been caught here, thankfully only the once, in spite of the fact I know the silly thing is there.   My husband, not usually very sympathetic, tells me that this is the highest-earning camera in the Alpes Maritimes!

I have also seen a lot of mobile speed patrols here, one favoured spot is to hide in the middle of the road, pointing back to Antibes, just before the Bouillides roundabout.    They are at the point where it is 90, just going down to 70, so not sure what they are trying to control - but rather mean I thought...

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Posted by LovedaCote - 4 years ago

I really do not think that a machine is after you.

If you really think that you are not speeding (the tickets say differently) than take your car/moto into the garage and have your speedo checked. It could be that this is your problem.

In other places, if you show the judge that your speedo was giving the incorrect speed and that you have fixed it, he will wave the ticket. Though with you, it is 3 tickets, so should have been done on the first ticket. Just think, 1 more ticket and it is driving school or suspended license for you.

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Posted by relocatella - 4 years ago

There is the radar at the entrance. Then the limit is at 90km and then I think I noticed recently that there is a portion (before the traffic light?) where it is 70 again -Will check next time.

On the fine it is noted what portion of the road the infraction happened. It is expressed km###. Maybe you noticed on the side of the road the yellow milestones. It will help you to locate the zone and adjust your speed accordingly.

It is very annoying to receive speed tickets when not a crazy driver. It happened to me very recently and I am still very annoyed. My husband keeps finding I am generally driving too slowly!