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Any (turbo) diesel engine experts?

Posted by MikeP-180526 - Created: 14 years ago
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Posted by dublinmike-182617 - 14 years ago

Hi Mike,

If it was me I'd be thinking that the car is running out of diesel at high RPM or under high load.

So it's either not getting it (diesel filter replacement first, then if that doesn't do anything, the diesel lift pump) or it's not delivering it to the injectors (bad news and the high pressure pump as you've been told).

The trailing throttle problem tells me that it's the bad news and the high pressure injection pump, but I'd want to try the others first anyway.

Fitting the pump is a pain as it has to be timed with the valves and often needs special tools. I'd also be heading for a scrapyard as they are just too dear!! If your garagiste is very careful he can fit it providing the engine is not turned over between removing the old and installing the new.



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Posted by MikeP-180526 - 14 years ago

The power drop seems to be more noticeable in 3rd/4th and the car runs out of power at about 130,  but then if you back off on the throttle and then give it more throttle she accelerates.

Since I posted this the turbo waste gate has been cleaned and all the other parts too,  and I am told that the car is now going much better.  Unfortunately I am unable to drive at present due to a broken ankle so I have to accept this as 'gospel' until I can drive in a couple of weeks. 

Replacing the injector pump, £845 from Audi,  would have been last option, although I did find that I could have got a second hand one for about £125.

Thanks again ........

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Posted by Blx-192106 - 14 years ago

Does it do the same thing in 1st/2nd/third too? could be a number of things but would be a rare problem that was actually related to the gear you are in. If it happens at specific revs then electronics would be the probable cause.

A stab in the dark may be the turbo waste gate suddenly dumping as the boost pressure increases, although I'm not familiar with the engine so it's only a guess.

A search on google for for say 'audi turbo problem' may throw up something that another owner has had which is similar.

Bonne Chance


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Posted by feadship - 14 years ago

Oh yes; the joy of a Diesel engine that relies on electronics!