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Buying a used car

Posted by posg - Created: 14 years ago
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Is it better to buy a French used car in terms of after sales service, resale value?

Any views on the merits of the Golf v Peugeot 307 v Megane with a 2000 registration?


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Posted by MikeP-180526 - 14 years ago

After sales service is generally poor. Based on my experience after Fords, Renault, Fiat, Peugeots (never a French car again), Mazda, Toyota, Golfs, Opel, Merc, and Audi I will only ever buy German (or possibly Japanese)cars in future.

The prices of parts for most cars here is scandalous,  for French car parts the differential between UK prices and France is even greater than for German - maybe someone can explain why. (Basical rule of thumb is that parts cost at least double in France).  If you want an extreme example,  windscreen wipers in France EUR 18 each,  in UK GBP 2.99 a pair.

The engineering integrity and build quality of French cars has improved over the last few years but they still trail the Germans and Japanese.

If you want a car which looks good, is comfortable, economical, handles well,  is probably overpowered for its size,  overdesigned and underengineered, and has lots of bells and whistles and fancy gizmos, which will mostly stop working as soon as the car is out of guarantee, then go French.  It will also make you big mates with your local garagiste.

If you want a solid, reliable, safe, well engineered car which has everything you need (as opposed to want) and will still be riding around when the French one is on the scrap heap,  and which will last and hold its value - go German.