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Buying LHD car - UK or French buy - advice

Posted by stesam - Created: 14 years ago
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Posted by poolman-188953 - 14 years ago

My car passed the CT with english headlights with black masking to divert the light to the correct way.   Also there has been a change in european law about the conformity certificate and if your car has an EU conformity certificate issued in England then it MUST be accepted by the other european union members (well that what it says anyway), so that could save you cash on getting one here.ChrisHautVar

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Posted by pigtails - 14 years ago

I forgot about the headlights, 140 euro for the golf, the only car i've heard of that has a switch to change the lights is bmw & just a few other expenses to think about is the ferry & the auto route & the petrol/diesel, but non of this was as important to me than the comfort of knowing that my car was safe, however the fact that my parents own a dealer ship & my car was fully serviced & all the basics replaced for new, did have a comforting appeal!!



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Posted by TonyP-191937 - 14 years ago

Also there is no road tax any more in France for private vehicles.  Pigtail is right about the insurance, it used to be difficult to get European cover in the UK for more than a short period.

I am not sure how easy it is get a UK registered car insured in France.  In Belgium the insurers are quite laid back about what sort of plates the car has, and will insure a car on the VIN and reissue the green card whenever you change the plate.  I think it is the same in France if you take a years contract but I have never tried.

There is also the problem of the headlights.  A UK registered car would have lights that dip to the left and would need converting.  The black plastic stickers dont hack it for the CT.

Some cars can be converted by just rotating the lamp, but others need new headlights.


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Posted by pigtails - 14 years ago

Hi, we have just imported our english golf here, 168 euro carte grise, 35 control technique & 148 for the carte conformity, the price for every thing changes depending on power!!

If you dont legally import your car here you can have some problems, the insurance will only be really valid if the car is french liecence! so if you want to make a claim on a break in or an accident you need a valid insurance, you can keep a car here & sure lots of people do, but its really better to do it correctly. I've been stopped in my car by the police on a spot check, & I was very glad the car was completely legal.

I personally love having my english baby to drive here, I'm more confident with my right hand drive & she loves it here too!!! however, 2 downsides are the peage if your alone & the drive through Mc donalds!!! but otherwise nothing but an avantage for us espeically as a theft deterent!!! golfs are the most stolen car on the riviera!!


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Posted by Andy G-190935 - 14 years ago

yes, and I also think used car prices in the UK are far more reasonable, especially for the popular German cars you mention. Have a look at www.nicematin.fr and go to the 'anounces' section 'autos' for examples.

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Posted by legend_in_my_lunchtime-182603 - 14 years ago

the 500 Euro downside (please don't say "con" in France) of the UK-purchased option is not so bad as it sounds.  You will have the cost of the carte grise whether you import a vehicle or whether you buy it new/used here.

Assuming you do find a suitable LHD in the UK, some wags would even advise that you could drive it here forever without importing it.  It seems that many do.