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Can anyone help me drive?!!

Posted by Carley-188040 - Created: 13 years ago
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My name is Carley, Im 18 years old and am currently an au pair in Opio. Before I left England, I passed a theory test and gained enough driving experience to take my practical, but then had to leave and abandon my driving. I now wish to try and obtain my license here, and after making some enquieries at ECF Ive been told that anything I have done isnt valid in France and I will therefore have to start from scratch costing over 1000euros. Is this true or am I being totally ripped off? I wuld be grateful for any advice on this.



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Posted by Xman-197047 - 13 years ago

there are some cheap driving schools that have special offers for students. they generally cost around 500€ w/ 20hrs practical and 20h theoretical.

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Posted by leslie-179832 - 13 years ago

Oh my god, what a night mare! I am from NYC and my liscence expired years ago. We just bought a new car, stick shift and I thought, OK ready to learn, but now after your post I am not so sure!! I think I will stick to public transport!



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Posted by expat girl-196204 - 13 years ago

Hi there,

I have just passed mine in France. I had a British Provisional licence and 6 practical lessons but none of it was valid in France. I had to start from scratch.

By law you have to take a minimum of 20 lessons at 32€ each.

You have to sit the theory test. To do this you have to purchase the Code de la Route (manual); and go to 'theory classes' where you will be bomabrded with 40 slides of multiple choice questions where you have 10secs to answer. You can pay for these per class or pay a 'forfeit' and go as many times as you like. I recommend the forfait. You keep going to these classes until you get on average 5 or less wrong out of 40. When you are ready, your driving school will put you in for you theory test. These only take place once a month and you might find you have to wait longer for a free place. This also costs money. If you get 5 or less wrong, you pass. If not you fail.

Once you pass the theory and you have sat at least 20 lessons you will be put forward for your practical. There will be 2 students in the car, your instructor and the examiner. You toss a coin over who goes first!

It's a nightmare and if you can work the GB system and can afford it, go for the GB licence. However, a word of warning, legally you are supposed to sit a driving licence in the country where you are resident. Since I have no address in the UK I couldn't sit my driving there.

Bonne route.

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Posted by MikeP-180526 - 13 years ago

I am fairly sure that this is correct as I've heard simliar from other people - you are not being ripped off by whoever has given you this information, but by the system here.

Did you in fact get a UK provsional licence? If so,  contact DVLCC in Swansea or look on their website and I'm sure you will be able to find out if it is valid here for driving accompanied.  You could then get a bit more experience and go back to the UK and do your practical test there - far cheaper than here.  (Just don't pick up the dreadful local driving habits).  Your full UK licence will of course be valid in France.


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Posted by SJ-190944 - 13 years ago

Carley, I'm not sure of the exact cost for doing your permit from scratch, but it sounds about right, unfortunately.  I already had a valid permit from Canada that I couldn't exchange, so I had to take both the theory and practical tests.  The only difference was that, having already driven for close to 20 years, I was only obliged to take 3 hours of driving lessons, whereas I suspect you have to take more, by law.  My total cost to do this in English was over 700 Euros.

Good luck.