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Can I get my Motorbike Licence while I'm in France

Posted by Neil Bryers - Created: 15 years ago
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I want a Motorbike in the Summer, but want one bigger than 125cc. Does anyone know how I go about it in France? My French is pretty rubish too, so if anyone knows of an English speaking school please tell me.



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Posted by Adam Fletcher - 15 years ago

Neil,Have you had any luck with your quest for a motor bike licence? If so can you advise me?Adam

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Posted by Rosbif-185958 - 15 years ago

Heh - you can but i'd, erm, do a bike test in the UK if I had to do it again.  I really can't see the point of slaloming round cones against the clock in a Bike test to be honest.  Also, depends if you want to ride like a typical french motard or like an english one.  Do the french way to keep up with your french mates, or the english one for a longer biking career ;)


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Posted by mike-179830 - 15 years ago

Try the Fehrenbach International Driving School, details at http://www.angloinfo.com/af/1



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Posted by wintermute - 15 years ago

Most of the driving schools do bikes as well. I don't know of any that speak english, but I recommend having a look through the English Yellow Pages, if you can get your hands on a copy. If you want any pointers on Bikes, or French Bike vocab to get you started, or buying a bike here, drop me a mail, I'd be only too happy to help out. One less car on the road. The road here are a dream for bikes, but the drivers make it a nightmare, get yoursekf fully trained up before you take them on.Øder tis moodle in der noggin tu smacken der ouchey und vinger-slingers ur to smacken-backen und fix de morkin, yøobetcha!