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Can you recommend a Mercedes service shop?

Posted by AAG - Created: 13 years ago
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I have heard that some of the Mercedes dealerships level of after sales service is not as good as you would expect it to be. Can someone recommend a good Mercedes service shop (between <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Cannes and Nice)? Many thanks in advance for your help.

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Posted by Duke-183507 - 11 years ago

I take my car to the Garage in Le Rouret (phone number 04 93 77 21 13) - they are on the main road (D2085) between Roquefort Les Pins and Le Rouret. They are authorised MB dealer and service centre, and very friendly - much better than the local concessionnaire where I bought the car.

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Posted by original alka - 11 years ago

thanks for that, I'll try them

robin alka

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Posted by Carolina1 - 11 years ago

I can recommend Simondi in Vence.They are authorised MB dealer. Very friendly, competent and you get excellent service (been there without appointment and they helped out). Prices are better than the larger garages too.You do have to speak French though..Simondi, 39, AVENUE FOCH06140 Vence Tél: 04 93 58 01 21 Fax: 04 93 58 66 16

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Posted by original alka - 11 years ago

The proprietor of Delpy wrote his email on the back of his business card but it's indecipherable. Pmmsc opio @ free.fr. He has a fax number on his business card which is 04 93 09 48 60 but it doesn't receive. As I don't speak good enough French it is easier to send him a fax or email in English with a rough computer translation into French explaining what I want done to the car and fixing an appointment and a rental car. Delpy has bought some ace diagnostic equipment for German cars. All they now to do is fix their damn fax and have a usable decipherable email address and they're in business! They seem keen for new business. I do wish they could help themselves a little to get it

robin alka

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Posted by tomq - 13 years ago

Guys from Cannes, Antibes and Toulon drive to Marseilles, just before entering Marseilles,Garage Beausejour but they are on holiday untill end of August. I changed my engine recently on a 300D. Even MArcedes Paris Head Office will recommend you the garage.

good luck

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Posted by AAG - 13 years ago

Thanks Audacious... is the garage an authorised MB (car still under warranty)? Does he speak any English?


Nice cuppa of tea... I do hope things are not as bad as you say... thanks for setting my expectations so low.

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Posted by Audacious - 13 years ago

Only one place to go. Garage Delpy in Opio. The guy's name is Philipe and he is probably the best mechanic for german cars around! He has all the kit at the shop for whatever you need.04 93 77 32 74

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Posted by nice cuppa tee - 13 years ago

There are three official MB dealers in the area - Cannes, Villeneuve Loubet, and Nice.

They are all as bad as each other If you want to book your car for an appointment at any of them, expect to have to ring about six times before getting a ringing tone, then get put on hold for ten minutes, then finally get an appointment some six weeks in the future. When you finally get there, there will be a queue of about twenty other irate owners with broken down brand news Mercs, so take a book to read. When you eventually get to the front of the queue, they may well simply have no record at all of your booking. Finally, be prepared for some really Basil Fawltyesque excuses as to why they can't mend your car.

On my brand new MB, the seat broke after about a month of use. Cannes MB told me that it was "my fault" because I am too tall (1.95m) for Mercedes's, which are only designed for averaged sized people of 1.80m, and that there was "no point in replacing it under guarantee, as it would just break again". I had to complain to Germany before they replaced the seat (though they were right that it quickly broke again!).

My car has been back to the various MB handlers in the area 25 times in total for various warranty repairs and I know them all well. MBs of today are like Jaguars of the 1970s - nice looking cars but horribly unreliable. Look at the JD Powers survey results for confirmation - MB models are all down at the bottom...