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Car insurance AXA

Posted by emily brand-306844 - Created: 5 years ago
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Posted by belgiumdave - 5 years ago


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Posted by cataclysmic - 5 years ago

I am having problems also and would like the name of a lawyer who had preferably dealt with this before, I would appreciate it very  much if anyone could help in any way, even just some good advice..


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Posted by franco-anglaise - 5 years ago

Hi Emily, I tried to send you an email but the link did not work.. which company did you switch too?? 





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Posted by emily brand-306844 - 5 years ago

Thanks everyone for the responses and advice. I changed insurance companies - fingers crossed this gets sorted!

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Posted by eurokiné-187861 - 5 years ago

I believe it is the agency that causes the problems as we have used Axa for about 10 years & never had a problem with cancellations, pay outs or whatever.
We use the antibes office on albert 1re (Agence Isaia) and can only praise them for their "prise en charge". There is someone there who speaks english tho they are not the agency usually touted on the postings here when people are searching for english speaking insurance agents.
We have even been offered 3 months free cover on our old car which was for sale whilst we sold it and negotiated a deal on the new (more sophisticated) car cheaper than the car we had before. No problem either with recognising our bonus even after we had spent a year without a car (and thus no recorded insurance)

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Posted by jonymar - 5 years ago

They can't refuse to send the Releve d'informations, the law is on your side.
Below is an extract concerening the sale of a vehichle and insurance. SOURCE

En dehors de l'échéance

Votre assurance peut considérer qu'une modification de votre situation (déménagement, mariage...) constitue une aggravation du risque couvert . Vous pouvez résilier votre contrat si vous n'acceptez pas ces modifications (vous disposez de 3 mois pour résilier par lettre recommandée de préférence avec accusé de réception).

Votre véhicule est vendu, cédé ou donné. Le contrat est suspendu le soir même à minuit et peut être résilié avec un préavis de 10 jours.

En cas d'augmentation de tarif de votre assurance, il faut vérifier ce que préconise votre contrat pour cette situation.

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Posted by mazzeo - 5 years ago

they're obviously just 'trying it on' with you - as they know full well that once you sell the car the policy becomes null and void at midnight on the same day, AND they are obliged to refund you pro-rata AND cannot charge you additional fees.
here's a link to the form you need. fill in the details, tick the third box (Vente, Donation etc) and include a copy of your 'Certificat de Cession'; post it by Lettre Recommandé
good luck------If you get more back-lash, just quote this:
Code des Assurances: (link)
Article L121-11Modifié par Loi n°89-1014 du 31 décembre 1989 - art. 13 JORF 3 janvier 1990 en vigueur le 1er mai 1990

En cas d'aliénation d'un véhicule terrestre à moteur ou de ses remorques ou semi-remorques, et seulement en ce qui concerne le véhicule aliéné, le contrat d'assurance est suspendu de plein droit à partir du lendemain, à zéro heure, du jour de l'aliénation ; il peut être résilié, moyennant préavis de dix jours, par chacune des parties.

A défaut de remise en vigueur du contrat par accord des parties ou de résiliation par l'une d'elles, la résiliation intervient de plein droit à l'expiration d'un délai de six mois à compter de l'aliénation.

L'assuré doit informer l'assureur, par lettre recommandée, de la date d'aliénation.

Il ne peut être prévu le paiement d'une indemnité à l'assureur, dans les cas de résiliation susmentionnés..

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Posted by melandave - 5 years ago

you can stop it. Write cancelling it quoting Loi Chatel. This law allows contracts to be stopped. Google it, it'll tell you what it is and how you use it.

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Posted by emily brand-306844 - 5 years ago

Hi, Thank you for your reply. I had an from our AXA agent. Making it quite clear we couldn't cancel the insurance! I do find this very hard to believe and our new insurance company (through our bank and I deal with a lovely agent there) also cant believe this is true,   I will send a copy of sale documents off to AXA and hopefully get somewhere! Did you manage to cancel?   Thanks for the advice. E

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Posted by ESS-209984 - 5 years ago

You should be able to provide a copy of the sale documents for your old car, and they have to cancel based on that, AND refund any premium after the sale date. Whether or not you buy/insure a new one is really not their issue..

Just take a deep breath, get the documents together, and send by registered post to your agent. Should work, eventually....