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Car Problem - Whats the French for.....

Posted by thinklucky - Created: 6 years ago
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Posted by thinklucky - 6 years ago

Many thanks to everyone it was the PMH finally and another couple of connections - 100 euros in bits of plastic parts and cables and solved - at least I went into the garage sounding like I knew something - Thank you Anglo-infoers.

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Posted by peterslavender - 6 years ago

The French for points is vice plateen pronounced veez plateen

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Posted by realcooleo - 6 years ago

Good evening.

It may be
PMH (Fr) = TDC (En)
More info in Fr (translate.go....com may help),

or "bobine d'allumage"/spark coil.
In the second case, it's accompanied by rough idle.

Both are known for this type/year of car.

My two cents...

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Posted by thinklucky - 6 years ago

Car is a 2003 Clio Sport 16V, on which I already surfed the net for starting problem solutions - by the sound of it best solution is to bite the bullet open the cheque book smile nicely and take it in to the garage.

If anyone out there has by any chance had experience with this model - the car has on 3 occassions in the past simply refused to start despite the engine turning it doesn't fire - it does with a push start. However in between these occassions its started perfectly first time several times in succession - my current solution this week had been to park it on a hill "Just in case" The battery is new and was fitted the other week by the Renault Garage.

Thx for all assistance on both translations and suggestions.

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Posted by Floridian-312987 - 6 years ago

Most cars now do not have points and condensors, they have electronic ignition. So if your car is older than 20 years old, ok,

As you said, it is a Renault, so starter motor, relay, ignition switch(possible), loose battery connection (normally the small cable on the + side).

Next time it does not start, give the starter a small hit or 2 with a hammer. Sometimes that works(if it is the starter)

Have a nice weekend

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Posted by thinklucky - 6 years ago

Thx for the tips all appreciated - the battery was replaced last month, so its not that. The rest I have no choice but to go to the garage its a Renault with one of those impossible to remove plastic engine covers so effectively you can't access any of the normal culprits under the bonnet - they are clever these guys at Renault!

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Posted by electechmech-277867 - 6 years ago

Consider having your battery load tested. Is it more than 3-4 years old. Are your journeys short after starting, especially in the cold. You are probably using more lights, wipers, fans,heaters etc, at the moment.

Good luck

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Posted by ChB-184121 - 6 years ago

Points are usually called a contact set so I would guess "points de contact or similar. Condenser is the same word but spelt differently, condenseur.

before forking out for the parts, run a nail file between the points to clean them up and see if you get 3/4 days use before the get dirty again, then the condenser is a good guess; if cleaning them makes no difference,even for a short while, then it might not help putting in new ones.