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Car towed in Nice - to claim it or not?

Posted by dw65 - Created: 6 years ago
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Posted by michael100000 - 3 years ago

Don't be silly...of course he is referring to SORN cars.

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Posted by michael100000 - 3 years ago

Well said Justin..a voice of reason!

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Posted by bandy - 3 years ago

No reputable bona-fide insurer would ever 'backdate' insurance.

How would they be to know if you'd caused a massive accident the day, or week, before...

It's a complete 'no-no'.


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Posted by Justin21 - 3 years ago


None of this will happen.

If you back date insurance  which can be done, pay the fine and take it.

You can also hire a tow truck to take it.

If it is worth less than 1000 and you really don't want the hassle just leave it. They will crush it and nothing else will happen.

They really can't be bothered to chase you up.

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Posted by mctd-192324 - 3 years ago


Is "they" the Fourrière de Nice?

I recently discovered that while my car was in the care of a garage for repairs and improvement, they parked it on the street without my knowledge, it got towed and destroyed according to French law.  Unfortunately, the letter RAR sent to me to inform me the car had been towed (from a street not 20 metres from my private, closed parking garage, at an address the repair garage knew!) did not reach me, so I learned of the car's fate too late.  They kept it for about a month at the Fourrière and then demolished it.  Evaluation of the car is based on bodywork alone, not kilometrage or state of engine or leather/wood interior or anything inside the car.  A keyed car can lower its value drastically.  And third party evaluation is required by law in the case of unclaimed vehicles for insurance purposes.

I never would have parked my car on a street (and forgotten about it), not least of all because I rent and pay for closed parking.  None of that matters in my case.

I don't know what the ethical thing to do is, other than follow ChristopherL's lead (above).  You'd think it would be responsible to disburden them of the vehicle, and pay the fines, but the law also dictates that any car left unclaimed will be destroyed.

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Posted by GWD11 - 3 years ago

"you can buy as many cars as you like and not bother to insure them as long as you don't use or keep them on a public highway, that is ok. you can have a collection of valuable classics in your garden, all roadworthy, but do not take them on the road....."

Not true anymore:  UK introduced the rule of continuous insurance several years ago: all vehicles must be insured ALL the time ( even if they are just parked up) UNLESS they are SORN.

France also has an equivalent of SORN: "vehicle retiree de circulation"

The problem the OP has, of course, is that his UK vehicle should have been re- registered in France ASAP, but even if not, as a " visitor" car it should have remained fully UK road legal ( taxed, insured, MOT'd). ( and SORN is not legal outside UK).

Now he has a car which is an "orphan" as it is not UK legal, not exported from UK, not registered in France, and is sitting in a police compound!


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Posted by martinpeter-985539 - 3 years ago

I would much like to know what happened to you and your car as I am in the same situation myself.

My french is not good but from what I understand from the letter they sent me the fees has reached such an amount that they are going to sell or dismantle it.

I would like to just leave it there as it's been a long time and I have no use for the car anymore.

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Posted by dw65 - 6 years ago

Also, the battery's dead. I was wondering if this might count as something similar to removing the tyres? I'd imagine not, but one can but hope...

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Posted by dw65 - 6 years ago

Thanks everybody for the replies - it was an honest mistake, though a stupid one. The reason I didn't have it insured was because, at first, I wanted to get it registered in France so that it would be legal. After discovering what a pain in the bum it would be for a car that's not worth very much, I decided to try to sell it for parts. You can't win, eh?
I've contacted the Fourrière, and they told me that to have it destroyed I have to get a certificat de non gage. However, this certificate is only possible for French registered cars. Does anyone have any suggestions about what I can do to persuade them to have the car destroyed?
Any help would be much appreciated.

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Posted by Wednesday-319687 - 6 years ago

No need for the hash comments sounds like a genuine mistake. how do you know the police have it? ;) ;)