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carrying breath test kit in vehicle

Posted by blueboy2499-226319 - Created: 6 years ago
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Posted by Crossfamily-289915 - 6 years ago

Oops sorry meant to add this article stating March 31 is when the law will be introduced (may be a delay due to not enough kits),


there also was another article in yesterdays Connexion but it is not showing online as yet so cannot forward the link.

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Posted by Crossfamily-289915 - 6 years ago

Please read the following article, in my opinion it does not sound like a discussion at all.


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Posted by Mian - 6 years ago

This law is only in discussion so no need to worry about it yet!

Should you want to have one in your car, you can get them at the pharmacy, tabac, insurance companies, some supermarkets etc and they should be priced between 50cts and 1€50.

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Posted by blueboy2499-226319 - 6 years ago

Thanks to all who have responded so far. The carrying of the refelective vest and triangle has been the law for many a year. Is there a specific type of breath kit you have to purchase or will any type do.

I was o police officer for over 30 yrs in the UK and the regulations re breath testing was 20 mins after consuming the last alcoholic drink before the test could be administered. Don`t know if the same will apply over here

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Posted by George F - 6 years ago

As yet, there is nothing concrete so it is a bit difficult to comment as to what the law is going to be.

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Posted by Crossfamily-289915 - 6 years ago

Actually my husband read this yesterday in the Connexion newspaper as of Spring 2012 is it required, we also had a laugh about it.

You are supposed to test yourself before driving with one of these disposal test kit approx 1-2 euro,
but the whole stupid thing is if you drink then test your self you may come up ok, it will depend on how long before you stoppped drinking before you start driving.

Also in the article you are also required to carry in your car a reflector vest and reflector triangles in case of breakdown....

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Posted by Floridian-312987 - 6 years ago

Starting this spring it is the law. Your cost = €1 - €2 or a €17 fine.