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Carte Grise & Carte de Sejour

Posted by Rick-187812 - Created: 15 years ago
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Hi everyone,I wonder if anyone can give me a definite answer on this one. Do you need to have your carte de sejour before you can change a carte grise into your own name?I moved here about two months ago and bought a 2nd hand car, almost a month ago. After insuring the car I drove to the prefecture in Nice one morning with all the papers I thought I would require to change the carte grise into my name, as suggested herehttp://www.angloinfo.com/information/cartegrise.aspby angloinfo and various other sources. The lady at the prefecture told me that I could not change the carte grise without my carte de sejour. I hadn't thought that this was the case; I had my passport and proof of address with me and thought that this was sufficient. It causes a problem for me in that legally one must change the carte grise within 15 days of buying a car (under penalty of a fine, don't know how much) and also, my insurance sticker for the car expires at the end of the month, since they were to issue me one for the full year, upon production of the completed carte grise. The insurers have already called me about it!I have applied for my Carte de Sejour via a contact of the secretary at the company I work for in Sophia Antipolis. The secretary assured me that this would be quicker than going myself to the prefecture, though there doesn't appear to be any word of it as yet.Has anyone else managed to register a vehicle without their carte de sejour? I have heard that sometimes they tell you one thing and sometimes another at the prefecture in Nice. I'd love to hear that someone has done this without their carte de sejour, then I might go back up there and try to push the changing of the carte grise through without mine...Exasperated,Rick

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Posted by Tinker-186005 - 15 years ago

Over the last 18 years I have also leant to play the "game" as legend says go for charm big time, and having been reduced to tears by the CAF at 8 months pregnant as they wanted proof I was alive! I was in the office at the time!, I have found teary weepy eyes has always worked, never ever loose your temper agree with everything they ask for as THEY remember you and just imagine that they are basically insanely jealous as they have to work for years for the chance of a pension and will never have the chance to own a car, villa or travel like you!!Tinker

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Posted by adukibean-188132 - 15 years ago

Hi WendyThanks for your support, though by 'brave' I suspect you mean something else! It IS a very chic and desirable car though - honest!John

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Posted by wendy-179831 - 15 years ago

Hi John

That sounds like a brave thing to do... ;-)

You'll find some starter notes on the subject here: http://riviera.angloinfo.com/information/1/motoregister.asp

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Posted by adukibean-188132 - 15 years ago

Thanks for your entertaining and informative dialogue on this subject. I'm planning to bring a UK registered japanese RHD car to the area and register it there, possibly with a view to selling it on at some time. Would anyone know of any specific problems that I may encounter, other than those horrific examples you've been discussing here?Thanks in anticipation... John

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Posted by Rick-187812 - 15 years ago

Cheers Legend,I am now the owner of 1 carte grise and of course, a receipt of application for CDS! Went in tooled up with bills from both France telecom, EDF + my lease agreement and just presented the lot - thus I don't know what I scored on the roulette. Though hopefully I won't be playing again for a while now and don't need to worry about my form.Thanks again,Rick

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Posted by legend_in_my_lunchtime-182603 - 15 years ago

OK - so you are going for the n+1 "pièces" roulette strategy.  I salute you :-)  Remmber - you lose points in the game for each pièce you prepare that is not actually requested of you but you gain peace of mind.  I'm sure with all this preparation that you will be exiting the Préfecture on Monday with your Carte Grise as a trophy.

Regarding insurance:  They do not strictly need a current Carte Grise.  Of course they need the fiscal details of the CG but you have these on the old CG.  An insurer can legally offer cover referenced by the VIN (the manufacturer's Vehicle Identification Number stamped on the boiler plate in the engine bay).

Regarding the Maison des Entreprises:  Actually is is the NEW lady who is multi-lingual and very helpful.  It is true that being new she will not be "habilitée" for a few months while she follows training but that just means she can't process the dossiers to completion.  She has to shuttle from the Préfecture to Sophia twice per week.  Anyway - although you are processing your own CdS, I'm sure she'd still give you good telephone advice about how to deal with any Préfecture bureaucracy.

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Posted by Rick-187812 - 15 years ago

Thanks to everyone for their replies ...Regarding the very nice lady at the Maison des Entreprises: according to the secretary at my company, she has been replaced only very recently by someone else who is infact in training until September is is not accepting any applications for CDS from Sophia Employees until then! This was how I was originally going to get my CDS, as my secretary told me it would be faster. She only told me recently about this situation with the change of personel at the Maison des Entreprises and infact had been stalling submitting my application because of it (I thought it was in the system!). In fact I would have been quicker going to the prefecture and doing my application myself.My current plan is to return to the prefecture on Monday armed with all that is required for my CDS application, do that, then attempt to change the carte grise again, hopefully this time armed with receipt from my CDS application.My only problem is my car temporary car insurance will have expired by then though my insurers are "seeing what they can do".Life here is very nice - good food, good weather etc. but it seems you have to pay for it in bureaucracy!Rick

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Posted by legend_in_my_lunchtime-182603 - 15 years ago

OK - you got your definitive reply - no titre de séjour needed for a Carte Grise.

However, that doesn't prevent you (or others) being asked for one.  This is the result of what I call "justificatif-roulette".  This is that classic Administration bureaucracy game where the rules are something like this: 

You have to go humbly to a daunting office armed with between 5 and 11 "pièces justificatives" knowing full well that the current official rules demand some smaller number between 5 and 7.  You also know that the "fonctionnaire" who will preside over your miserable plea may possibly ask you for any number of pièces between 1 and 10 depending on a huge array of factors including how you speak,your nationality, what you are wearing, whether you have small children with you (and funnily enough dogs!), their personal integrity, old administrative habits, their personal nosiness, random kindness, abject ignorance, lack of training or even pure inventiveness in some cases.

The true professional of "justificatif roulette" always wins by having assembled the minimum number of pièces whilst still having 1 more than the number finally demanded by the fonctionnaire.  Thus to be good at this game, you need to guide your fonctionnaire to staying within the current Administration rules whilst at the same time charming out of said bureaucrat his/her spirit of human kindness. 

Some people like playing "justificatif roulette" - others have lives to live. So... for your Carte Grise, I'd advise 1 of 2 approaches;

Straight shooting roulette.  Just print the Préfecture's own web page advising of the exact "pièces" necessary and re-present your demand with the printed web page as a visible checklist.I just learned (see extract below) that the Nice Chamber of Commerce has launched an initiative to put a smiley front-end to the Alpes Maritimes Administration.  They have done this principally to defuse the frustration that has been voiced by Sophia-Antipolis companies who need to get paperwork sorted out for their employees.  So as you seem to be a bona fide Sophia employee, why not call the very nice lady at the Maison des Entreprises (she speaks French, English, German) and see if she will help.  They deal principally with "titres de séjour" but as you have a CdS application underway, I'm sure she'd give you a pointer in how to have that application as your 11th bullet if you have the stomach to go back to the Préfecture to play "justificatif roulette".

La Chambre de Commerce et d'Industrie Nice Côte d’Azur est officiellement habilitée par la Préfecture des Alpes Maritimes pour servir d’intermédiaire entre les entreprises de la Technopole et ses services.

Il convient de s’adresser à: La Maison des Entreprises

[...EMBEDDEDIMAGE...] Téléphone :

[...EMBEDDEDIMAGE...] E-MAIL : mde.sophia@cote-azur.cci.fr

[...EMBEDDEDIMAGE...] du Lundi au Vendredi
de 9h00 à 12h00
et de 14h00 à 17h00


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Posted by lespalmiers - 15 years ago

i also say definitively that a cds is not required for a carte gris - but hurry as the time delay can be serious ( but charm works wonders . . . . . )


Regards, Les

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Posted by Humptydingo-180377 - 15 years ago

Re my above reply - I've remembered that this was for the first car I bought.  For the second car I went to my local Mairie (in my village it is the local police office who actually deals withCarte Grise applications on the Mairie's behalf) They took photocopies of all the required documents, including my passport, gave me a receipt and sent everything off to the Prefecture for me - the new card was returned within two weeks - no questions asked.  Your receipt is proof to any officer of the law that your application is being processed. Try this route.  Even a holiday home owner is able to own and register a French car in France - even if he/she leaves it in the drive for most of the year. But who am I to suggest you tell a white lie and say this is your holiday home if evidence of a CdS is requested -but don't forget to be fore-armed with an EU  address!