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Carte Grise ( Name change)

Posted by MILLS/HERBERT - Created: 7 years ago
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Posted by steenjak - 7 years ago

"certificat de non gage" that is. You can get it on-line at https://siv.interieur.gouv.fr/map-usg-ui/do/accueil_certificat

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Posted by cizealin - 7 years ago

It is not complicated, but very different from for example the UK. It involves several documents which you must have, including a certificate non juge which will clear the vehicle of any outstanding parking tickets. I almost got scammed with this some years ago when I bought a car from an ex pat with 800euros worth of fines.

In the case of yacht crew the prefecture will accept an attestation from the Capitainerie providing the yacht has a semi permanent home berth. Or any recent bill ie EDF to show you have an address here. Have a look at the very detailed and accurate section on angloinfo advice section. Plus many previous topics on this. Try the search feature.

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Posted by Garonne - 7 years ago

Well that's complicated then.  Where do you submit your tax declarations and are officially resident?

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Posted by MILLS/HERBERT - 7 years ago

Thankyou for the reply.. I am not a resident as yet due to the fact I spend most of my time offshore.. Can I still put this document in my name?..



Thankyou again for the advice.


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Posted by Garonne - 7 years ago

The seller should have given you the purchaser's copy of the 'cession d'un véhicule' along with a facture (bill), written in French with all the details of the vehicule and the carte grise crossed through 'vendu', dated, timed and signed or alternatively they will have sent this off themselves and given you the detachable section when a vehicule is sold.

It sounds as if the seller has sent off their part of the cession d'un véhicule to the Préfecture.

You have to take your copy of the cession d'un véhicule and proof of a controle technique with at least 18 months' validity (ie not more than six months old) to the Préfecture with proof of residency and ID and pay the fee (which you can calculate here www.carte-grise.org).