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Changes to Controle Tecnique?

Posted by IncaDog - Created: 6 years ago
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Posted by biankaguzinska - 6 years ago

as I remember bmw headlights can be adjusted to the left hand drive either by the adjustment screw or one turns the glass the other way up or swaps them around - why not phone a bmw garage up in the uk give them your model and ask them - it is not a science to alter them just you need to know how. My bmw 525 kept the same headlights and the garage just altered them to suit sorry but I did not watch them do it, as they are friends of mine and I trust them.

at the very least always get a second opinion.

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Posted by peacocks-308583 - 6 years ago

They are really hot recently with RHD cars as the laws have changed, your fail sheet should state what it failed on you can take this car and paper anywhere to be retested if you are unhappy with the guy who's maintaining the car

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Posted by JJ-183649 - 6 years ago

So the problem is not the garage, its "the guy who maintains the car"......Steve

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Posted by Suzanne C-192641 - 6 years ago

You should have received a report from the test centre detailing what needs to be done to pass the CT. Take this to a different test centre or another garage and ask them to verify it. Some faults do not necessarily have to be fixed to pass the test, they are just noted as needing to be done.

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Posted by IncaDog - 6 years ago

Thanks for that Steve, but the guy who maintains our car who took it for its CT at his pals test centre may do????????

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Posted by JJ-183649 - 6 years ago

If you did need to spend 1500€, or whatever, they don't see any of that money; they are only allowed to do the job of CT, not fix any identified problems.Steve