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Classic and prestige cars - wake up call

Posted by Elling - Created: 14 years ago
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Posted by gauloise-221585 - 11 years ago

hi, i still live in frankfurt/germany and i own a jaguar xj6,3.2 from year 1996 ,145000km ,in very good condition ,colour is black and black leather; i wanna visit a friend in nice soon and wanna sell my car there .in germany they get sold around 8000€ .how much can i get in france for this car ?thanks for replyssee yaa

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Posted by borme - 11 years ago

From what I have been told Belgium is a good source of lower priced cars, however I bought a 2002 Jaguar X type 18 months old, in 2004 for 20000 Euros, a Lexus IS 200 only 2.5 years old in 2003 for 14000 Euros, and an 18 month old Ford Focus for 10000 Euros all immaculate and all from dealers!Borme

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Posted by mikehayward - 11 years ago

i totally agree, i paid 4,000 euros for my car in the uk left hand drive, the same car would have been about 8,000 euros here in france - and in worse state - french dents and scratches etc.

i am thinking of importing from either germany or usa the same model i am looking at costs 50% of the french price in the USA and about 2/3 of the price in germany.

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Posted by MikeP-180526 - 14 years ago

They get away with it because first of all most people do not know what a rip off prices here are (this applies not only to cars), and also because the largest sector of the market,  the French,  are not sufficiently internationalised to consider other options.

I have found exactly the same reaction as Elling - when I say that I can get this that or the other elsewhere for a much lower price,  the response is the usual Gallic shrug and the back is turned.   They know that for everyone like you and I who walk away there will be another 10 who will pay the rip off prices here.

I think it is only fair to add however that due to the high costs of running a business here,  compared to other countries in Europe,  there may be some justification for higher margins.  Ultimately it will destroy the economy.

The more publicity this gets the better.

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Posted by legend_in_my_lunchtime-182603 - 14 years ago

The phenomenon is not limited to the classic/prestige market - just perhaps more accentuated there with tens of thousands Euros saving on a single purchase.  If you are interested in solid German cars (BMW, Audi, Mercedes) with options like leather, auto, electric gadgets, etc. then it is still highly worthwhile buying on the second hand market in Germany and importing in France.  The importation costs nothing other than the fuel and time to drive down here - carte grise costs the same as a French 2nd hand vehicle and is now a breeze if you have regular German paperwork including VAT certificate.  30 minutes at the Préfecture.

You can easily save 3-4 thousand Euros on a quality 2nd hand car that would sell for 15,000 Euros in France and can be purchased readily for 11 or 12 thousand in Germany.

"How do they get away with it?" you may ask.  Well.. all I can say is that it is OK to buy 1 Mercedes or BMW per year for your personal use but if you start competing commercially with lowered margins, you had better have some effective personal security.