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Commercial 'MOT'

Posted by fatcharlie-237601 - Created: 6 years ago
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Posted by Patrick71-182729 - 6 years ago

The fact its a 709 means in MB speak its a 7 ton max load. Thats his problem over 3.5 here its commercial. the only exceptions are funnily enough campervans which iirc goes to about 4 tonnes.


Tous les véhicules particuliers (VP), les véhicules utilitaires et les camping-cars dont le poids total autorisé en charge (PTAC) est inférieur ou égal à 3,5 tonnes, doivent être soumis à un contrôle technique périodique effectué par un organisme agréé par l'État.

Its called a:
CT Véhicules Lourds

Nearest I could find is:


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Posted by stuart06-195098 - 6 years ago

What is the total weight of the vehicle?

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Posted by ChristopherL-188542 - 6 years ago

OK after re-reading it seems that you have had a similar experience to many foreign plated vehicle owners recently. You are probably being asked for a Certificat de Conformité which is now quite standard for all foreign vehicles - not specially related to commercial ones.
Why don't you ask the control centre for the name of the document concerned to be sure what you need? If it is a CdC, you get it by writing to Mercedes France. It'll cost you a couple of hundred euros I guess for a camper van as there are a lot more safety points to cover than a road car.

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Posted by fatcharlie-237601 - 6 years ago

My UK insurance company accept a French CT for driving here and as long as I go straight to a garage and get an MOT on arrival in the UK I'm OK there too. My questions are to do with obtaining this document, different from a CT. Where can I get one, what is it called and how much does ut cost? Thanks for answers so far, everyone, keep 'em coming!

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Posted by ChristopherL-188542 - 6 years ago

If they are telling you that your vehicle is "commercial" then then is that with reference to your UK registration or is it just based on that type of vehicle in general?
I would suggest that you just say "d'accord j'accepte le CT commercial" because all that means is an extra visit every other year for a pollution check. i..e if they performed a CT today, you'd get the certificate with a mention that you had to be back in 1 year for a pollution test and in 2 years time for the next full CT.
OK so it will cost you a little extra to have this pollution check every 2 years over and above the regular CT but if that's all they want then I'd do it because it could have been a lot harder to get a CT done on the UK registered vehicle - I have heard of demands for a Certificat de Conformité.

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Posted by ChB-184121 - 6 years ago

It depends how legal you want to be. Theoretically your van would not be legal to drive on UK roads without a UK MOT, so somewhere there will be small print that says if the car is not legal on the road, then the insurance doesn't have to pay out in event of a claim. but if you get stopped here in France and they ask to see your documents, you would be ok. So I would say tell the CT people that you want a "car" CT as it is not on a French Registartion, you just want to see that there are no serious defects. Then they might do it and give you a certificate.