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Confused about motorway tolls

Posted by tkw - Created: 14 years ago
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Posted by tkw - 14 years ago

Ok I appreciate the humour and I agree that if there is a rule about this, then it probably isn't applied universally in France. But I still don't know if i might have to pay more to put bikes on top of the car vs. behind, or if a van with surfboards on top (>2m) costs more than a car.

Argh I may have to break down and try my french out on some official. I will post if here if I find out in the near future.

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Posted by michael scott-189222 - 14 years ago

No lad, the shell protect your sheep from the rain and thus makes them passengers which, in turn, causes your truck to revert to being a passenger vehicle. It's perfectly sensible. Here in California, we do not have toll roads, we have freeways, except that we do have toll bridges but only if they cross water and then only if the bureaucrats believe they can pick up a few extra Dollars without disturbing the masses too much.  Now, that's strange! (And somewhat similar to "Irish logic")

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Posted by irishman-180738 - 14 years ago

I used to have a double cab pickup and it was always charged at class 1 on the peage.


Irish tolls are weird too though because on the Westlink bridge they charged 60p for a car, but when I got my pickup they charged me £1.50 for that. Then when I put a shell on the back (which made it look more like a SUV than a pickup) the toll went back down to 60p. I guess that's Irish logic for ya.