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Diesel that runs on used vegetable oil

Posted by another_user - Created: 14 years ago
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I'm not mad, it exsists. You get the waste oil from the restaurants, filter it at home and fill'er up for free... Conversion from 300 E (home made) to 800 E (ready-made convesrion kit from the US).

Interested? Me too! I found this:



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Posted by JT-190706 - 10 years ago

I know a guy in California who does endurance racing (currently national champ in his class) and he and his team converted their engine so that it uses biofuel aka vegi oil. There are even a few (very few) stations in California where one can pump it directly into their vehicle. The only down-side from what I understand is that it voids the manufacturer's warranty. I suppose that one could get around that by simply draining the fuel and replacing it with regular diesel before taking it to the garage.Good luck... keep us posted!JT

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Posted by SJ-190944 - 10 years ago

There was a programme on TV documenting a rally through the US and South America (it may have included more countries, but I only started watching part-way through). The teams were international and the cars were all run on used vegetable oil and the participants had to find restaurants or other sources where they could fill up.

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Posted by sprocket-215124 - 10 years ago

got a mate who puts 2 ltrs of veg oil in every time he fills his tank goes well and smells better [get it wrong and you could end up paying 2 grand ]for a new pump i think i will stick to diesel

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Posted by Shanwick - 10 years ago

A mix of 20% Veg Oil to 80% Diesel will work fine in the winter months. As it warms up, 50/50 will also run without any problems.Pre-heaters and twin tanks are only necessary to burn 100% Vegetable oil.

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Posted by another_user - 14 years ago

You are right, it was supposed to run on vegetable oil.

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Posted by another_user - 14 years ago

Ooops, that was a mistake; so about no modification. Unfortunately you need to but little.According to greasel.com you need to install-a second tank with heater-a fuel selector and pump-a different filter You can't use just veggie. You need to heat up the tank to 65°C and the pump has to warm up as well. And if you stop in veggie mode you will have to pour hot water on the pump and get the hair daryer out...This is because veggie oil doesn't lubricate well on low temperature but on high it's better than diesel!

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Posted by lespalmiers - 14 years ago

Correct me if I'm wrong someone, but didnt Rudolf Diesel invent the compression ignition engine to run on vegetable oil? (and he was French??)



Regards, Les

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Posted by another_user - 14 years ago

hey tested it out on Top gear earlier in the year and the car needs no modifications

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Posted by mike-179830 - 14 years ago

quote:or to impose a tax on the use of used vegetable oil

In the UK, HMC&E taxes vegetable oil used as fuel at the same rate as bio-diesel.

There's a lot of literature on the subject, much of it online...


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Posted by MikeP-180526 - 14 years ago

The stink of food is preferable to the stiunk and pollution of diesel fumes.

I looked at the website and don't see any fundamental flaws in the system, but it would be interested to hear from someone who has specialised knowledge of diesel engines.

As a natural cynic,  I suspect that, given that diesel fuel is highly taxed (and about to become more highly taxed), the beancounters and bureaucrats whose job is to make our lives as difficult and expensive as possible would be quick to declare this scheme illegal,  or to impose a tax on the use of used vegetable oil.