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Driving Lessons

Posted by Vics - Created: 14 years ago
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Posted by C J Flynn - 14 years ago

By the way, I am taking the driving classes at the Fehrenback Driving School, listed under "Driving School" in AngloInfo. They have books in english, and translate all the slides from the 'written test' into english.The teacher is wonderful, the schedule is flexible and, given enough time, I will probably actually learn something.If I could spell recommend without a spell checker, I would do so. So I will just say that the structure and delivery has been perfect for me. C J Flynn

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Posted by C J Flynn - 14 years ago

Hello Paul,I hope you weren't just vying for the "Last Sarcastic Post of 2003" and actually want an answer.The rules for indicating are different here! It is supposed to be only done when it is proper to make the action, not as an indicator of intention.In other words, I was taught in California that we indicate what we want to do at so many feet before the possible action, whether it is safe to do it then or not.Here, the rule is to wait until it is safe to do the action, then indicate. So, something as simple as pulling out of a parking place or as sophisticated as changing lanes is done bass ackwards from our perspective. Combine that with the right of way rules and life follows the 'interesting times' rule. I suppose the idea is that if I indicate that I am going to change lanes when it unsafe to change lanes (due to someone already being in or near the space I want to enter), then the person who will be violated will do something unsafe to avoid the unsafe lane change and so on.C J Flynn

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Posted by Paul Carmel-190537 - 14 years ago

Hi all,

Hope you all pass! Could you let me know at what point you are taught to indicate? Everyone round here seems to do it once they are already turning, if at all. Is it known as an indicator or simply a lever to play with as and when you feel like it?!



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Posted by Zazounice - 14 years ago



How are your driving lessons going.  I am trying to get some information about lesssons here and I would prefer an English speaking instructor - can you please tell me what one has to do regarding highway code etc. and the cost of lessons.  Is you instructor English speaking and is he/she in Nice.


Would appreciate if you could answer my questions.


Many thanks

Zazou Nice

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Posted by malena-191350 - 14 years ago

Hey does anyone know where I can find a "rules of the road" book for France in English??  Since, my license is exchangeable for a French license I don't need to take classes.  But, honestly, I'm feeling a bit lost and confused on the road rules and would like to read up on it.  



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Posted by sandraasztalos - 14 years ago


I'm also just about to start my driving lessons. I'm french and maybe I could help with the technical terms etc.

Email me if you like: