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Easycar Nice Location Hire Problems After March 23

Posted by islandofsand - Created: 14 years ago
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Posted by jmcc-181202 - 14 years ago

Having moved back to the UK and still travelling a lot, I have given up on EasyCar.  The extras like having to pay for car washing or wash it myself just got too much. 

I use www.skycars.com - have used in Spain France and US and never any hassle, pricing is 100% full inclusive of everything.  Last time at Nice I got a Merc C class instead of a Golf.

Also if you are going to any destination served by Ryanair, click on their site to get their deals with Hertz - they are fantastic value.  You do not have to have booked with Ryanair.  Again, an all-inclusive package




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Posted by gollum-193507 - 14 years ago

you could just book transit with that new airport service www.a-t-s.net. Yeah it's not a car, but it'll deliver and pick up to your doorstep and a lot cheaper and more reliable than taxis. I've used them before to get Geneva-Chamonix for skiing and it is an excellent service.wiggly waw fish

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Posted by sorbix - 14 years ago

I have read an article in one of the leading British paper stating that Easycar has finished their business in Nice, which is a truly graet pity. Apparently it wasn't paying off...Indeed we have rented a Smart through Sixti but the offer of five pounds per day was never our luck.

Surfing via Google with search items such as NICE CAR RENTAL do give all the offers, but as it was with easycar will never be the same.

I do blame Easycar not to be clear about this on their site, I have mailed over and over again and they simply refuse to answer.....




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Posted by mike-179830 - 14 years ago

The French-language EasyCar site says that the reservation line is "temporairement interrompue", which would suggest a change of approach rather than a pull-out.

This article says that EasyCar France "will close" on 31 March, on the other hand. Since EasyCar has recently switched to a franchise (rather than wholly-owned subsidiary) model, perhaps we'll have to wait for an appropriate franchisee to appear, exploiting the "flagship site" that's available in Nice, according to EasyCar's own site...


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Posted by irishman-180738 - 14 years ago

Yup - it looks like EasyCar have pulle dout of Nice. The same thing happened in Amsterdam apparently they sold their Dutch fleet to Europcar.

In Nice I recommend www.sixti.com as a great alternative.