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Exchanging a foreign driving licence

Posted by Daisydoll-202178 - Created: 5 years ago
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Posted by Qwertrew - 5 years ago

Electricity (EDF) bills or telephone (fixed line) bills showing your address and your name exactly as it is on your carte de sejour.

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Posted by daveemitchell-307467 - 5 years ago

Proof of address was our rental contract, and my wife had her Titre Sejour card with her...with photo copies.

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Posted by Daisydoll-202178 - 5 years ago

Hello - what was need to prove your Titre sejour?  I asked the Mairie for an attestation that I lived here but they wouldn't give me one for some reason.  It was something I had from my last address.





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Posted by Ras-214972 - 5 years ago

Note: this website http://europa.eu/youreurope/citizens/vehicles/driving/validity/resident_en.htm states

If you move to another country, you can drive there with your current
licence as long as it remains valid.

However, you will need to check that you meet any requirements regarding licences in your new country, such as shorter validity periods or medical checks.

So, if the licence has not expired, you should not need to change it. The licence validity in France is 15 years, the UK is 10 years. So your UK licence will be valid until the expiry because it is not shorter.

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Posted by daveemitchell-307467 - 5 years ago

We got my wife's licence in Feb this year.

We went to Grasse prefecture with the paperwork, and I'll try to rememeber exactly what;

prepaid Self addressed envelope (special blue/green one from post office, this is how you get licence back)

Licence/international licence and a letter to say its valid (we didn't have letter and had to get a friend in Taiwan (my wife is Taiwanese) to sort this out)

Proof of address and Titre Vital, which had to be within the 12months.

Suitable photo 

sorry if you need more, but thats all I rememeber, its not that hard (considering if you don't do it you'll need to resit driving licence).

It took about 5 weeks to get licence but they give you a piece of paper so you can drive meanwhile.

Get there early, parking is a pain, go to desk and get ticket for downstairs (most people are going upstairs)

good luck!

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Posted by Qwertrew - 5 years ago

Once you send all the requested documents, they will send you a letter either to (i) tell you that more documents are required or (ii) everything is ok and you can collect your French license from a certain date.

Don't forget to include a translated version of your foreign license - this has to be done by a French sworn-in translator, not just any person offering translation services.  I emphasize French because I had mine translated by a Monagasque sworn-in translator and they rejected it, saying it's not the same legislation.

Be sure to exchange your foreign licence within a year of arriving in France, otherwise you will be obliged to obtain your French license by going through the driving tests and all from scratch. 

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Posted by Charlie670 - 5 years ago

Here are a link in english hope it helps




Good luck,