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foreign car registration

Posted by Christine-180881 - Created: 16 years ago
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Hello,We have a Belgian car with, of course, Belgian plates and we would like to register it in France. We live in Antibes. Does anyone know what we should do?

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Posted by b_hanks - 9 years ago

Great information, thanks. I have a US honda crv 9 years old. How does the process work for US cars? breda.hanks@gmail.com

Thanks again,



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Posted by Christine-180881 - 14 years ago


Just wanted to let you know that our car has now been registered for almost a year. It was not nearly as difficult as we thought it would be. Luckily for us, we had the "certificat de conformité" and all we had to do was go to the Prefecture and ask for a carte grise and pay around €180 (I can't remeùber the exact sum now)



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Posted by meerkat-189541 - 14 years ago

Although I have still to perform the final step...it is not that difficult...whatever people may tell you...the general info on the AI site is alomost fine...it costs time (but what won't in France)

You need:

- to get a Controle Technique (about 50 euro)

- to get a "attestation the conformite" (this is the most "difficult" part)..call your dealer and he will help pointing to the right instance (BMW Paris charged 125 euro)...call your dealer..could take two-three weeks

- get a "levees des sceaux" (proof that you have de-regirtered form the originating country)...usually via the consulate..this means handing in your belgium plates and thus you cannot drive the car. But...if you need the car then you can get temporary plates, this will cost 28 at the (sous)Prefecture for the Carte Grise and 18/20 for the plates..somewhere (in Grasse oppposite the sous Prefecture)..for German levees des sceaux the German consultate charged 54 euro...took 1,5 week

- get a tax form at the Center Impots...for free...if the car is yours and you an prove that the car is yours and with a invoice stating you paid the tax (took 20 minutes)

With all the forms:

- tax form

- levees des sceaux

- Control technique report

- proof of residence (EDF or FT)

- passport

you go to the sour prefecture (yes...again) and then this should work ...but as said ...I am still before this last step

The only not-so-nice thing is that I had to go back and forth between the offices...but all-in-all this was much easier if I had know I could do most of it in parallel

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Posted by alexhampshire-186967 - 14 years ago

If you click on the link Cars and Driving on the left there is a full description of the rules and regulations. I followed this and registered my English in under 2 months with no hassles.Alex

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Posted by nessa-180460 - 14 years ago

or you can go directly to Carros and do it yourself:

Coordonnées de la D.R.I.R.E. (Direction Régionale de l'industrie, de la recherche et de l'environnement)
Centre des Contrôles Techniques
L.I.D. de Carros 1ère avenue 6363
06517 Carros Cedex

Accueil du public
Mardi - Mercredi - Jeudi
de 9h00 à 11h00 et de 13h00 à 15h00

Renseignements téléphoniques
Mardi et Jeudi
de 13h00 à 15h00 au

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Posted by Mikea-180934 - 15 years ago

If anyone wants/needs help with car registration etc contact this guy, he is very efficient and reasonable:-

Rod Mitchell

Mitchell Johnson Sarl

Immeuble Air France

455 Promenade des Anglais

06200 NICE

Tel : (+33) 04 92 29 29 60

Fax : (+33) 04 93 22 99 41


(+33) 06 84 17 31 84


Email : info@mitchell-johnson.com

Website : www.mitchell-johnson.com

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Posted by bantam-186367 - 15 years ago

Hi All, maybe you guys can help me. i'm about to bring an English registered oldish car over to limousin and wondered if i could get a head start in registering it over there by sending all neccessary documents ahead.My command of French languge leaves a little to be desired. I have bought a house in this area and will therefore be a resident.Does anyone have any addresses or imformation as to where i hould begin?


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Posted by yjme-181229 - 16 years ago

This is good news to be shared with everyone! Hopefully it means the process is being made simpler for foreigners. They even seem to be cutting out some of the steps that I was told about just last week,but that's not unusual here! This does give hope to those who really want to keep their cars. I am sure lots of people will appreciate your comments and I hope they all find it as easy as you did. YJME

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Posted by mikedann - 16 years ago

Hello,Just to give a bit of hope...I have an English car (Peugeot)RHD. I asked the Mines what the paperwork was - two sets of papers. I wrote to Peugeot in Paris for the "Attestation de Conformité" for my car, which arrived in French (suprise!). This allowed me to complete the two forms.I then had a French MOT done. (which was not actually needed!!)After that I was told by the Mines that because I have been given this Attestation all I needed to do was to go to the Prefecture and get my carte grise. Voilà! Job done. Three weeks of actual work/waiting. No more tests, inspections or repeated trips to the various centers and the total cost: the carte, and several stamps.So, if you have a French marque then it *could* be very easy. I was quoted something like 3000FF for somebody to do it for me (plus the cost of the cards etc).Hope thngs go well.Mike D.

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Posted by yjme-181229 - 16 years ago

Hello,If you are living in France on a full time basis you have fifteen days to change your car to French plates, in theory. In practice it would be pretty hard to put that law into force and I would imagine very few people do it that quickly. If you come here for holidays only and leave your foreign car here, then again, legally you are entitled to leave it for fifteen days only per year parked on your property. If you use the car to come to France and then go back, but you stay here for, say under three months, then I believe there is no problem. It's the resident status that changes everything. Perhaps in the future this will become easier or laws will change, but for now that's the way it is if you are a resident in France. If you insure your car in Britain, I believe you have to go back to the country to get the MOT each year for insurance purposes. You won't be able to do that in France because the car won't be in the French system. If you are stopped by the police in a foreign plated car and you are resident in France, then you will have problems. All this is 'in theory'. You may never get stopped by the police! And unless someone reports you, I imagine there are loopholes but I don't know if, in the end, it's a good idea to try and find them. That's an individual thing though.Hope this helps, if there is anything else I think of or can find out, or something that has changed or is about to change I will post here!YJME