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French car in UK

Posted by matt72 - Created: 13 years ago
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Posted by kkmartkk - 13 years ago

Buy a secondhand car in uk they are much cheaper than the equivalent french occasion!!martin j

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Posted by MikeP-180526 - 13 years ago

Unfortunately speeding is not the main problem on the French roads.  It is imbecilic inconsiderate lunatics overtaking on blind bends,  etc.   Speed cameras are primarily a revenue collecting instrument.

A decent car doing 150 kph in the hands of a responsible driver on a motorway is far less of a menace than a tinny little overpowered Renault Clio in the hands of a testosterone and alcohol fuelled moron doing 60 kph on a back road.  The police go for the former because they are easier targets,  and more likely to be registered to responsible individuals who are accountable to the law and able to pay the fines.

I drove back from near Perpignan last night and saw a) more bad motorway driving in the last 40 km or so in the 06 than on the previous part of the trip,  and b) more bad driving after leaving the motorway in our final 6 km than on the whole trip. This included a (expletive deleted to save admin the trouble) in a 4 WD who missed his exit on the Cannes/Le Cannet exit 42 and was reversing on this busy motorway exit roundabout.  Unbelievable, and sad, but true.

quote:If speeders only killed themselves, I'd be all for it! But the fact is that they don't - they also wreck the lives of entirely innocent people.

.... and that is the problem.


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Posted by nice cuppa tee - 13 years ago

Meagherp, why are UK speeding cameras a "nightmare"??? Personally I think they are excellent. They stop idiot speeders from killing me, my family and friends, and from ruining the quality of life of us all with their increased noise and pollution.

If speeders only killed themselves, I'd be all for it! But the fact is that they don't - they also wreck the lives of entirely innocent people.

I wish there were as many speed cameras in France as there are in UK. Life here would be much better.



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Posted by Shanwick - 13 years ago

Barclays will insure the car with just the chassis number and without any restrictions.  EU law dictates that you must (?) re-register the car within 6 months but who's to know?  All camera / parking offences will be processed back to the French address which is too much hassel for any local authorities.

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Posted by davidl-181802 - 13 years ago

UK police very rarely follow up minor infringements on foreign registered vehicles. My fiance got a parking ticket in London on her French registered car and was told by a policeman friend not to worry about it (I suppose it's because parking tickets are council run rather than police). Its a different matter if they lift it and impound it as her Dad found out :)

Never tried to get caught speeding in a foreign registered car so can't say anything about that....

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Posted by jonboy-191946 - 13 years ago

How can you evade the cameras and parking charges?

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Posted by meagherp - 13 years ago

I've had US cars in the UK and german registered ones. You should not have any problem insuring on a chassis number with a good broker in the UK(try Richard Hosken) or ask the car club for your make(always good source of help). You will be far better off with a FR registration evading nightmare UK speed cameras and parking restrictions too. If you do need to register long term its very simple to do and cheap. Don't worry.Peter

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Posted by gerbil-194494 - 13 years ago

You shouldn't have any problem as long as you bring the car back to France every three months or less. We did this when we knew we were eventually moving to France - in fact we had a french registered car in the UK for over two years. And through my wife's job with the local authority the local police got to know the car quite well and they didn't ask any questions.Based on our experiences, it is very unlikely you will be able to get it insured in the UK if it has French registration so you will have to drive it on your French insurance "green card". They usually only last for individual trips of up to three months and may have cover restrictions. You should check what you are planning to do is OK with the French insurance company.If the car is in need of a contrôle technique then you need to make sure that is done on time otherwise you could end up with problems when you return to France.In the long term it would probably be more sensible to sell the car in France and to buy another car in the UK. The cost of getting the car up to UK specifications so you can register and insure it in the UK may not worth it (there are a lot of discussions in this forum on the problems of doing it the other way round).gerbil