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Golf repairs

Posted by thesius - Created: 15 years ago
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Does anyone know anything about Golf gearboxes?  I've now lost reverse, 1st and 2nd.  Which makes driving mighty hard!  Someone told me that it might not be necessary to replace the whole box but since I know less about cars than Tony Blair does about politics I could use some input. 

I thank you.

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Posted by thesius - 15 years ago

Thanks mikem, I like the sound of that, now I just have to drive the damn thing up the hill to get it done!


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Posted by MikeP-180526 - 15 years ago

I was going to reply and I see MikeM beat me to it.

Having had several Golfs, I am aware of the problem and it is likely, as Mike said, to be the selector forks, and most unlikely that you will need to replace the gearbox.  You haven't lost the gears - you've lost the ability to select them.  It probably got more and more difficult over a period of time and you forced the gear lever and then you couldn't select at all!

If your gearbox was in such bad state that it needed to be replaced you'd have known about it before.

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Posted by mikem-181687 - 15 years ago

Thesius, what golf do you have?

If it's a 1 or 2 it will have a rod change box number 020. A common problem with the selector mechanism on these 'boxes is a small shaft on top which has a plastic cup on each end which fits over two ball joints.

Often these cups break and the shaft falls off, if you lose the smaller of the two, you will only be able to select 3rd + 4th gears.

Replacements are available at a VW dealer, very cheap and take two minutes to refit.

It's not worth getting a second hand one from the breakers as the retaining clip on the plastic cup could be missing or worn.

Good luck