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Help! Do you know anything abour Car Electronics?

Posted by GK-185100 - Created: 14 years ago
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Posted by lespalmiers - 14 years ago


Im with MikeP on this one - 244 dead straight forward normally, check for wires disconnected from clock - could be missing its earth?

Tail /brake lights - wires are disconnected as brakes and tail lights are fused seperately and by side if i remember rightly - so a fuse would take out the front lights of the same side as well.

Whatever u do, do it one step at a time and logically, think of it as water - start at where it comes in and follow it right through with a test meter, you will then find the area of the fault. 

Hope this helps . . . . . sorry i cant just have a look and sort it for you (and scoff the curry) but im at the opposite tip of France!!


Regards, Les

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Posted by MikeP-180526 - 14 years ago

Hi.  For that offer I'd do (just about) anything!! It was the beer that tipped the balance,  I cook a mean curry myself.

First of all it's not electronics - it's electrics - a small but important difference.  We're talking about simple circuitry here,  not electronic gizmos with diodes and resistors and transistors.

The electrics on those old cars are fairly straightforward.  It seems likely that they dislodged one of multiconnectors on a wiring loom.  A quick fumble around under the dashboard to see if anything is obviously loose might work.  Wires hanging out all dressed up and nowhere to go are a pretty sure sign. Also,  if you find the connectors (usually black) try pushing them together.

The other possibility is that they have dislodged or removed a fuse or two,  so check the fuse box.

I've never worked on a Volvo but this is pretty straightforward and non specific stuff.

In your position,  I would go straight back to the garage and demand that they fix it,  before trying to do so myself, or they will moan : "Ah,  but eet was perfect when eet left,  you 'ave messed eet up."  But you probably,  and understandably,  don't trust them.

Good luck,  let me know how you get on.




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Posted by GK-185100 - 14 years ago

Hi Les!

It's a 244 model


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Posted by lespalmiers - 14 years ago


which model of volvo is it 240 /740 ?I may be able to point u in the right direction


Regards, Les