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Help no MOT and tax due to run out

Posted by SHADOWMAN - Created: 14 years ago
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Posted by MikeP-180526 - 14 years ago

There are UK insurers who will insure a UK reg car knowing that it resides in France. Whilst this may be acceptable from a UK point of view,  if you push them,  they will say that they cannot be expected to know local (ie French) regulations and that they expect the customer to know that side.

Technically, if your UK reg car stays here for more than 6 months it has contravened French law.  The insurers could use that as an excuse to wriggle out of paying if you had a claim.  However,  they would probably have no way of knowing whether or not the car had been out of the UK for the whole period,  nor would the French authorities necessarily be able to prove that the car had been here for the whole time. 

If the onus were placed on you to prove that the car had not been in France for that whole period,  you would almost certainly be unable to do so, and if the insurers decided to investigate they would be able to gather evidence that the car had been here,  such as statements from neighbours etc.

It is all a bit of a grey area and personally, after keeping my UK reg car here for 'just a little' more than the legal period, I decided to rebaptise it with French plates.  That's another story,  but it's done,  reinsured in France, and 100% legal.

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Posted by poolman-188953 - 14 years ago

I forget to say, check your english insurance, if you are living in France they will declare it void, plus most english policies now state that you must have a current MOT and will wriggle out if you don't have one and have an accident.ChrisHautVar

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Posted by poolman-188953 - 14 years ago

you don't need a tax disc if you keep it in france.  If you live near Le Cannet des Maures go to see the man at Cabinet BRUN (29 Ave de Verdun, tel 0494501850).  We got ours insured for half of what the English insurance was costing and they do accept foreign registered cars.  Most insurers can't be bothered and say it is illegal to insure foreign registered cars.  We have been insured through him with AGF for two years now with no problems. Control technique is also a problem with some of the centres who say you can only have a voluntary one which is useless.  You need a full control technique and windscreen badge.  The centre in Salernes does this with no problem, (he also speaks fairly good English if you need him to).ChrisHautVar

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Posted by BillJP - 14 years ago

Try phoning Graham Anthony on 0615055099 in Gruissan 11430. (or 0468 492239). He is a Lloyds Broker in France

You will probably have to get it "Control Techniqued" at your local testing centre and keep it on UK plates before he will insure it.

Good Luck