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Help with all things car/motorbike/tests etc.

Posted by tasng4-196410 - Created: 13 years ago
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Really useful site this, been using it for ages but now I feel the need to post a few questions.My wife and I are planning to move to France permanently within the next few months and could do with some help/advice on the following:1. What are the rules on a control technique cert for cars over 20yrs old and are they the same for bikes? I've read it's not required if 20+ yrs old. Do I need at least 1 CT if I'm importing an old car/bike?2. Does anyone know any insurance companies specialising in old cars - 1967 Sunbeam Alpine & 1981 Honda Silverwing?3. Does anyone know what forms (name/number) I need from the Prefectare to import a car/bike.4. If, when we move here, we take a French driving test and pass (is it difficult?) we would have to surrender the UK one? I ask because it's the UK one which has the entitlement to ride a bike & what do I do to prove I've passed my UK bike test (I could claim I've lost it & get a replacement).5. Is there a French bike test?6. What, if any, are the problems with importing a RHD uk car & insuring it in France? People tell me it's better to sell & buy a LHD one but in this case the car is only 2 yrs old & is worth less than I owe on it & it seems pointless to sell it and buy an older one of unknown quality. Thanks y'allNel

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Posted by davidl-181802 - 13 years ago

How mad is that, a full motorbike licence thrown in. There are no CTs for motorbikes regardless of size and power and they let 14yr olds ride 50cc bikes with no licence plates. No wonder so many people die on the roads.

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Posted by TonyP-191937 - 13 years ago

If you have a UK licence, you can just keep it.  If you commit a minor offence, then you have to swap it for a French one (so they can deduct a point or two)  You can also swap it anyway if you think that is easier in the long run. The French licence is free and there is no medical for ordinary cars and bikes.

When you swap it you get a licence with the same categories as the UK one.

I had to swap my licence for French one because someone pinched my old one, and I get a full motorbike licence thrown in, even though I have never ridden so much as a moped.