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Help with car insurance

Posted by Tonty - Created: 14 years ago
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Have just received my car insurance renewal premium for this year and it is rather high!!   Anybody have any tips for other insurance companies, currently with AXA?Jonathan

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Posted by Eleanor R-181992 - 14 years ago

You could try Thiery Marcq on 03 21 96 00 29.  He's with AGF and gives very competitive insurance with good cover.



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Posted by Pumuckel - 14 years ago

If you wish to cancel your insurance without waiting until the renewal date, according to French law you can cancel your insurance policy with immediate effect the moment you assert a claim. It doesn't matter if the insurance company pays out or refuses to pay whatever the claim. In both cases the claimant has the right to cancel the policy with immediate effect. This law applies to most type of insurances, including car and household insurance. The only thing you have to figure out is what to claim for - shouldn't be too difficult.



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Posted by A Sutcliffe - 14 years ago

AXA owns www.direct-assurance.fr and if you get an online quote (which I've just done, it's easy) and send it to AXA they are obliged to charge you that amount plus 15%.  I've just gone through this whole process myself, having mistaken the end date on my insurance slip for the 'premier echeance' which is what really counts.  I couldn't leave AXA but I have just halved my insurance bill with them, which was gratifying to say the least. 

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Posted by reinrev5 - 14 years ago

If your premium goes up a lot you can waive the 3 months before renewal bit.

Say you had a policy that went up 100%, you just say that you don't want it at that price.... and you have a right, not only to say so but to refuse to pay as well. Start off on that basis  and you'll be surprised at the reduction you'll be offered !


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Posted by jobseeker-192881 - 14 years ago

Have you tried this?http://www.matmut.fr

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Posted by TonyP-191937 - 14 years ago

AXA have a special rate, 30% off if you do less than 8000 Km per year. Maybe that applies to you.Tony

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Posted by Grick - 14 years ago

we found that AXA in St Raphael were WAY cheaper than anyone else we contacted, 480€ vs 880€ - perhaps if you cannot change from AXA you could insure down here?

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Posted by mikem-181687 - 14 years ago

If you have just received your renewal, you're too late to change insurers until next year. French law says you must give notice of intent to cancel a policy two months before the renewal date by recommended post.

Only if you sell the car or move abroad can you get around this.

If you can get out of your policy, try www.direct-assurance.fr

They were less than half the price of everyone else I tried, and I did barter.



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Posted by jmroberts-180597 - 14 years ago

You can bargain everything down here. Tell them you want to pay less, if they don't lower their fees significantly (to your satisfaction) go see other insurance companies and tell the you want a better deal... propose to move over your house insurance as well and try get a better deal for both!