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Help with carte grise

Posted by luby24 - Created: 4 years ago
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Posted by M.Michel - 4 years ago

Yes i agree , it is the risk , and it is when you believe that the french prefecture do the job correctly and they do not continue to send the tickets to the previous owner during years after the sale even when they have the name and adress of the the new french owner in france ...you can also ask the constuctor of the car not a garage,for the certificate of conformity , i have a friend who did it x times without any problem .

Or go directly to the prefecture and explain the case ..but they are very suspicious


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Posted by laughingboy-409220 - 4 years ago

MM - how do you suggest getting over the problem that the sale was not direct from the person named on the carte grise to luby24, therefore there is no certificat de cession naming the previous registered owner as the vendor and luby24 as the buyer? 

I know what I'd be tempted to do, seeing as you have a signature that you could copy - but you would be relying on the previous vendor not having sent the prefecture a copy of the certificat for the sale between him and the UK garage. And oddly enough, I remember a similar thread on a forum quite recently, from a person asking how to sell a French reg car in the UK and make sure there was no comeback on him. The advice he was given was, sell it to a garage, get them to sign cert de cession, send it to the prefecture and after that you have nothing to worry about. I posted the question, but what if it is bought by someone who wants to bring it back to France, because that will make it difficult for them to re-register? To which the response was - that's their problem; the OP will be in the clear. Hey ho.

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Posted by M.Michel - 4 years ago

Hi , i am french so if i can help ...

why don't you switch the documents directly from the first owner to you because the car is still french and has never been regitered outside of France , so for the french administartion the car is still the property of the first vendor in france , nobody knows the story and where is the car  .

just need to have the controle technique still valid ..


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Posted by Mooogins - 4 years ago

Brings back bad memories!! I bought a French reg car from the UK a couple of years back, had a nightmare getting it registered, the prefecture were insistant that it was an import and after about 5 months of sending everything they were asking for, each time they would send it back with 4 new problems , why they couldnt just put everything in one letter is beyond me! finally they demanded a form from the douans I went to the main office in Nice explained the situation he laughed and said it's a French car you don't need one! he suggested I go to the local tax office and get a certificat fiscale. After meeting everybody in my local tax office! and being told the i'ts a French car you don't need one I finally was passed to the manager who once again told me you don' need one!! at this point I think he could see the desperation in my eyes (and the urge to scream) and issued the form. Sent off all the paper work again, now about 1cm thick A4 envelope! and a couple of weeks later my carte grise turned up:)

I have since registered Spanish and Italien reg cars here with no problem what so ever!! seems a bit odd.

I would go to the prefecture and see what they have to say, could save you a lot of time and agony!

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Posted by Ben10-881031 - 4 years ago

Try Extreme Bike in Boulevard Wilson, Juan Les Pins. They do the Carte Grise for a fee & would be able to help you out with the correct paperwork. Much easier than the Prefecture! Good luck

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Posted by laughingboy-409220 - 4 years ago

Certainly worth a try, after all you have to move things along somehow and what else can you do? Go and explain, and depending on what they say you will have to take it from there. They are very obstinate about getting all the right bits of paper but if you have two certifcats de cession, both made out on the correct official forms and signed and dated, you might be in with a fighting chance if you happen to get a fonctionnaire that will listen and take in what you are saying and is capable of thinking outside the box. Bonne chance.

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Posted by luby24 - 4 years ago

Thankyou for your reply to my question regarding the carte grise.

We do have the certificat de cession the only problem I cseething is that the previous owner was French and he sold the car to the uk car garage. They then sold it to us so we have 2 certificat de cession. The car was never imported to the uk legally though and still has its French plates on.

Do you think it's worth going to the Prefecture in person?

Thanks for any advice


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Posted by laughingboy-409220 - 4 years ago

You don't normally need a certificate of conformity for a change in ownership - you need those when you import a car and register it in France for the first time.

However, what you will certainly need is a certificat de cession, which is a document signed and dated by both the purchase and the seller, the seller being the person named on the carte grise. Without that it is normally impossible to register a change of ownership. The system is in place to combat fraud by ensuring that a car can only be sold by its legal owner, and also to prevent people buying a car, not registering it in order to avoid paying the registration fee, and then selling it - they can't sell a car if the carte grise is not in their own name.

Unfortunately when people buy a French registered car in the UK it quite often happens that they don't fill in a certificat de cession, and when they try to register the change of ownership they discover they can't because they don't have all the necessary paperwork.

If you are sure it's a certificate of conformity you're being asked for, not a certificat de cession, I can only think that either the documentation was incomplete and it was impossible to do a change of ownership so the company has exported the car to the UK and is now re-importing it into France; or that the company doesn't know what it's doing; or that there's something unusual going on.