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honda blackbird coc pre 2001 denied/ bhp problems

Posted by mrobinson2002-295767 - Created: 6 years ago
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Posted by stareast - 6 years ago

Last year I did all the procedure for a friend of mine who imported from Dubai his Yamaha 2010 1000cc (it was an Euro version but not the French model with 106 BHP...).
He insisted to get it in France allthough I had suggested not to do it.
It is specific (maybe) to this particular motorbike but who needed the ECU to be changed (because it was not possible to adjust this existing Euro model ; one type was). Cost 1,500 Euro.
Then we needed to have the power output controlled at a nearby shop (we were lucky not to be obliged to go to a registered place near Marseille) then we had to have the checking at the DREALE near Toulon....
Total cost : more than 2,500 Euros and almost 6 months delay...
Pls sell your bike or keep it in UK....

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Posted by ChB-184121 - 6 years ago

Only guessing here, but I would have thought you would need to get the detailed list of what is included in the CoC probably from Honda France, and then modify the bike to this specification - and yes, this would be restricted to 106 bhp. since any local Honda dealer will de-resrtrict your bike once you have bought it from the showroom, usually at the first service, then they should have the restriction equipment lying around and maybe someone still has it for your model. Sometimes it is a simple plate restricting the inlet manifold, but sometimes it is more complicated.

Once it is to French spec, you would need an expert to confirm it, and this might be the local Honda dealer or he could point one out to you.

On the subject of cars, registration etc, you would be so much better to sell your cars and buy a french one, as driving with the steering wheel on the wrong side will eventually become annoying, and you are far more likely to be broken into/robbed if seen as a tourist rather than as a local so local plates are a must. If you want to keep your RHD and UK plates, then you will find many people who have been keeping their cars here for years without a problem, but legally it is a very grey area, and insurance can be invalid if they see the car as illegally on the road.so will be able to wriggle out of paying a claim.