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Honest Car Dealerships in Nice

Posted by hammojs - Created: 14 years ago
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Posted by MikeP-180526 - 14 years ago

Can't help you with dealerships, but as a general comment, unless you really insist on buying new,  you'd be better off buying a newish used one privately from a trusted person or resource (such as AngloINFO!)

You could also try to get an ex-rental vehicle - I know Europcar at Nice used to sell off their cars at fairly low mileages.  They are always in immaculate condition and have been properly maintained. However this may not be the right time of the year as I suspect they would be building up their fleets now for the summer and then running them down towards autumn.

As you surely know,  the depreciation on a new car - especially the basic ones - is about 30% as soon as you drive it out.

The 'warranties' that dealers give you on second hand cars are generally worth less than the paper they are written on,  given that the dealer price of a used car is substantially higher than for a private sale.

Anyway,  good luck,  it's a minefield out there,  especially if you don't speak French and aren't used to the local way of doing business. I hope you can get some help if this is the case.