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how much for scooter insurance?

Posted by RandalHemingway - Created: 14 years ago
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Posted by tkw - 14 years ago

Hey Sumday,

I suppose you have also learned from experience to lock the scooter TO something solid now. It is fairly rare that people do this so even a poor quality chain or U through solid post will avoid the lift and carry theft.

Regarding locks there is a standard in france called S.R.A. that the insurance agents require if you want theft insurance. These locks cost about 120 to 200 euros (ie: not available at carrefour) and include huge chains with padlocks and U-locks. Any lock can be broken, but these take enough time and energy that the thief will most likely move on to some easier target.

Personally I have a disc brake lock for when I'm just popping in to a store in what I consider to be in a safe place (yeah this may go wrong one day). Then I have an SRA U-lock with a chain for longer term parking...a little riskier than a padlock style but this gives me added reach to get around a fixed object.

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Posted by sumday - 14 years ago

We bought a new 50cc Yamaha BW for approx 1500 euros and paid around €500 to insure it, including theft.  It was stolen within a year .. just picked up with its lock on and put on the back of a lorry (there's a lesson in tying it onto something that won't move!).  Then the Insurance company paid out the grand total of about €500 .. so from thereonin I didn't think it made much sense paying for the insurance .. might as well just take the risk (and also to aim for having something that nobody wants to steal .. that was my philosophy in choosing husbands as well! LOL)  Now we pay approx €200 PA for the 50ccs (without theft) and €260 PA fully comprehensive for a 125cc (with AXA).  Hope that helps.

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Posted by tkw - 14 years ago

I pay about the same with a 125cc including theft/collision with 20% deductible...if you don't want theft or collision you can do it for about 275euros...why not try that if you don't do many kms.

By the way for a 50cc its more expensive in insurance, basic insurance was about 380euros and they would not even consider insuring it for theft.

I have not had previous moto insurance, so the bonus was not applicable to me, they were not interested that I had had previous car insurance.

I think you need at least 2-3 years before the bonus starts to kick in and it doesn't make a big difference at first.