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How to buy French car without Carte de Sejour

Posted by si76 - Created: 14 years ago
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Posted by lob-189383 - 14 years ago

i registered a car with a france telecom bill and bank statement showing my name and french address with no carte de sejour.

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Posted by DublinLiam - 14 years ago

yeah i can verify that the CDS is no longer required for citizens of the EU. About time as well, considering France was the last country in the eurozone to demand such nonsense. Your Passport and even your EU drivers license will work for administration :)

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Posted by Squeezy-189941 - 14 years ago

The carte de sejour is no longer issued for people from EU countries - at least not here in Toulon.  I have a piece of paper with a copy of the change in the French law, and a stamp from the prefectureDave

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Posted by Michelle Morrisey - 14 years ago


I gather you are English, do you know if the same applies for American?




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Posted by sheila bardon - 14 years ago

Tell the prefecture that you do not have a carte de sejour as you are non resident but that you do have a "maison secondaire ", produce your passport & some french bills in your name, pay in used tenners and they hand over a carte gris without a whimper.

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Posted by ilight - 14 years ago

go to germany on cheap airline and get cheap but good car, for 6 month tourist plates with insurance (cost 1000,)

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Posted by MikeP-180526 - 14 years ago

You should be able to register it here with proof of identity (eg passport) and a letter from someone here confirming that you live here with that person.  I think it is called a 'certificat d'hebergement'.  The person providing that will need to be resident here and supply the usual proof (EDF bills, great grandmother's birth certificate, DNA certificate etc.)

I did it for a friend from South Africa and had no problem.  For you as a EU citizen it should be straightforward.

If you buy a car and do not re-register it,  you are committing an offence, unless the previous owner of the car agrees to this, in which case he is probably committing an offence, and in addition would remain liable for anything you might do with the car.  It would almost certainly cause problems.