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how to register english car in france

Posted by justingarrison - Created: 8 years ago
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Posted by mcgreen - 8 years ago

You may not need certificate of conformity. I registered a couple of Swiss registered cars for a client in 2011 and did not need one. They were a relatively new BMW X5 and a Merc convertible. The VIN number was sufficient as when entered into the Carte Grise system at the Sous Prefecture in Grasse sufficient information came back to allow them to do the registration.

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Posted by ChB-184121 - 8 years ago

Bear in mind that cars sold in different countries are slighly different in some aspects, so your Certificate de Conformity is to prove you have changed your car to be identicle to the French version as sold in France at that time. This might be just obvious things like the headlights dipping to the right, but also might be more detailed stuff which you will have to change. a modern car will probably be quite easy to do, but older cars can be different in quite odd ways.

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Posted by Ashleigh_Dublin - 8 years ago

Hi,You will need to go to your car makers dealer, eg: citroen for a citroen c3, like I did, they will tell you you need a "certificat de conformité" and a blank cheque. Also, you do indeed need a document at the prefecture, the dealership can tell you which one exactly as I do not remember, sorry! The prefecture can fill out the form for you on the spot, but the certificat de conformité will take ages to get back to you... The amount depends on the type of vehicule etc, bearing in mind I paid €135 for mine 3 years ago. And that it took 3 months before receiving this certificat de conformité which you need before you can even think of applying for a new carte grise.... Good luck

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Posted by GAnthony - 8 years ago

I think if you navigate to here: http://riviera.angloinfo.com/countries/france/motoregister.asp. all should be clear. Good luck.