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Importing 1953 MG

Posted by BuildingJob - Created: 7 years ago
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Posted by fiat500mandy - 7 years ago

Hi Matt,
As your car is over 30yrs old you can apply for a Carte Grise De Collection from FFVE
Web address is www.ffve.org.
Hope this helps

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Posted by Romantica-196641 - 7 years ago

Holland being an EU 'state'....as is the UK, and France....? The French don't quite see it that way, as you know...I hope that both of us, it is straightforward ...

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Posted by BuildingJob - 7 years ago

Thanks for the reply.I have a document FR005350 Etat de La Declaration which is the import paperwork from the US with a final destination of Holland. The car is registered in Holland now but the company state it should be easy to import as has been through the process already......... Obviously it currently has a MOT in Holland etc but i think it will be the CoC issue that causes some stickiness!

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Posted by Romantica-196641 - 7 years ago

We are trying to do this at present, but with a LHD Moke...same problem with CDC. We have (just yesterday) given a copy of the registration document to a local friendly French garagiste, who is going to go to the Prefecture and make enquiries on our behalf.

The Moke club were very helpful (and picked up discrepancies between the reg document and the historic vehicle details (which have finally been corrected by DVLA) : they reckon we only have a 50:50 chance of being able to re-register it (yes, despite the number of mokes you see on the road on CDA). The process has been 'tightened up' a lot in recent years, and you can't get a CT without registration...

It would be worth contacting the MG club ( and joining, if you're not already a member) as there'll no doubt be some local assistance available, and someone will have gone through the process.

I'll keep you updated with our progress, as I guess your path will need to be similar!