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Importing an English Car?

Posted by Biotmum - Created: 5 years ago
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Posted by cizealin - 5 years ago

I would highly recomend that anyone English here either keeps a fully taxed UK MOT'd car here for the short term, returning it to the UK for new Tax and MOT when required. Not a big deal, Dover is only 13hrs away. (You can tax online with a UK address by the way). Or if you are here longer term, buy a French regd car. Importing a UK car is a waste of time in my opinion, and a real pain. Only worth doing for a valuable car you want to keep using here longterm, such as a favourite classic car.

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Posted by A Breath of Fresh Air - 5 years ago

My reading of the situation is that you have six to twelve months to import your English car, but through that time you will have to be able to demonstrate roadworthiness, and that means MOT or CT. 

Importing means getting the Certificate of Conformity (the manufacturer's statement that the car is fit for French regulations), CT and paying import tax (a tax to offset the pollution and road use of a car like English road tax but is a one-off payment, and on French cars it is paid at purchase).  Then registering it on French plates.

The certificate for my VW was supplied for free, but the Citreon certificate cost 100 euro.  Import tax is in the order of several hundred euro, and re-registration something like 100 euro.


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Posted by bc1107 - 5 years ago

Can you expand on this comment, maybe by private email? I'm concerned as I have 2 cars insured with AXA.....



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Posted by eurokiné-187861 - 5 years ago

if you are importing your car through the official channals,( rather than just driving it here & leaving it uk reg) it will automatically, at the end of the process (discribed elsewhere on other threads) have a french number plate, and therefore be legally insurable with french insurance and require a controle technique if it is over 4 years old. You will then have a righthand drive, french reg car which could be a difficult beast to sell.

Once you are resident you are obliged to have your non french, EU registered car re-registered as french. I think the cut off point is 6 months but someone else will undoubtedly confirm this on here.

Insurance companies will take your money and give you papers but if you have an accident & your car isnt road legal administratively speaking they will bail on you, leaving you with a potential disaster on your habds.

Road legal for a uk reg car means MOT (not CT) and road tax so dont be fooled into thinking one can fiddle the system with a controle technique on a foreign reg car, even if you can find a place to do it for you as their rules have stiffened up too

There are myriad threads on this question but the rules arent as flexible as alot of people want to believe

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Posted by Fashion1 - 5 years ago

Here is a link from an AXA agent - www.frenchentree.com/languedoc-herault-gard-mortgage-insurance/displayarticle.asp?id=12958 

He clearly stats everything you need to know.

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Posted by Methuselah-217505 - 5 years ago

The validity of the insrance policies issued by Axa Limonnier is questionable, to say the least.

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Posted by Fashion1 - 5 years ago

french insurance = french car | english insurance = english car

this is EU law

do a search. google is a good starting point.

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Posted by colin finch-658668 - 5 years ago

As an add on to previous answers, would an english registered car insured through axa in Nice for example still require an English mot or would you be required to get a contole technique for the insurance to be valid ?

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Posted by cupplet - 5 years ago

Axa Insurance in Nice insure English cars. The agency is called Walter Limonier and they have English speaking staff. Axa seem to get a mixed press but I have everything insured with them and have not had a problem and when I've got otherquotes, Axa have always been the cheapest.

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Posted by frenchycannes - 5 years ago

When you pay car insurance in France, for an English car and all others, there is no longer road tax in France. So it is no longer needed to buy ENGLISH road tax for your car , whilst the car is in France. 


As for resale, you could sell it to an AnglSaxon and then the log book is just sent back to DVL. Angloinfo.fr for example is a good site to sell your belongings. You can go to the mines in CARROS and get your car put on French plates. But that will incurr quite a hefty bill: Regitration/ control Technic/ New Number plate etc...

If you have French insurance on your English car, could you please give me the name of your insurance company. Generali, stopped insuring foreign European cars 18 months ago. I have an English car sitting in my garage in France, and cannot drive it because of the insurance issue.

I hope my imput has helped.