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importing EU car into France

Posted by gillian.crossley-179878 - Created: 5 years ago
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Posted by Sartsa - 4 years ago


I've recently imported two cars, one from -95 the other from -06 and was not asked for any invoices. Neither did I need to prove the amount of km's.

Good luck!


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Posted by Shanwick - 4 years ago

I'm going through the same process now with a vehicle from Belgium.  Were you required to show the original invoice for the vehicle showing VAT was paid in the EU?  I don't have it.

Mine is a 2007 with 90,000 kms.

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Posted by robbie1400 - 5 years ago

Hi there

I have just completed the importation of a car from Italy and I was required to produce this certificate d'acquisition. It is to prove that no further VAT is payable on registration in France.

You obtain the certificate from your local tax office (hotel des impots). You will need the original registration document (V5), proof of domicile in France, proof of your identity. I also needed to show that the vehicle had done more than 6000km - they accepted the figure on the Italian dealer invoice in my case.

There is no fee to pay (for once).

Good luck.


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Posted by kiwi_chris - 5 years ago

The CoC can be purchased online for your car for about €100 - there's loads of web sites offering this service.  Alternatively, when selling my Beamer, I wrote to BMW UK and simply requested one - they sent it out for free.

A quick search reveals loads of info and links on the AngloInfo site about importing your car.  Such as:  http://france.angloinfo.com/transport/vehicle-ownership/eu-vehicle/

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Posted by Sartsa - 5 years ago

Hi Gill,

if the car is currently registered in your name you don't need this certificate. http://www.alpes-maritimes.pref.gouv.fr/Vos-demarches/Cartes-grises?dmi_code=F19222 All the documents needed are listed on this page. The most important one, and propably the trickiest to get is the "Justificatifs techniques de conformité", also called Certificate of Conformity. Good luck!