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Importing, registering and MOT a UK car in France

Posted by Hudson1922-201544 - Created: 5 years ago
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Posted by AlbaMeta - 2 years ago

Hi there,

if you still need some info we can maybe help you. We do speak french and english and can give you some advices.



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Posted by LJB-241627 - 2 years ago


I have my Impot Certificate but they kept the Certificate of Conformity...is that normal as I thought I would need that at the Prefecture ?

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Posted by Hudson1922-201544 - 5 years ago


Thank you very much for your comprehensive reply...I've been dreading sorting out the car knowing that it would probably more difficult than a visit to the Moon. It has just taken nearly 3 months to get a telephone line re-connected...they could not cope with a broken connection outside the apartment!

Once again, many thanks for your help.

Kind regards


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Posted by Montana1 - 5 years ago

Hi Richard,

I have successfully managed to register my left hand drive Subaru from UK registration and avoided the scrum at the local prefecture, in the process. There's a fair amount of pre-paper work needed. 

You will need to have the manufacturer of your car verify that it is indeed a make/model that is recognized. In my case, I contacted a Subaru dealer in Nice and they gave me a phone number for the office of Subaru in Paris. I emailed the required document, sent €200, and within a week had the verification I needed. 

For insurance, I contacted AXA PPP and this enabled me to keep my UK plates while I waited for the Control Technique, as my UK insurance had expired in the meantime. You will need a letter from your UK insurance to pass on to your French insurance. The nice thing about AXA was that all our transactions took place over the phone and by email, in English.  I read somewhere that some will question the legality of having UK plates, but AXA advertises that this is fine, so I went with it.

I then went to have the control technique completed, without any hassle, at ABS Nice Port, for €70.

Then, as I work full time, I went to an agency, who for about €70 extra, took all my paper work to the prefecture, allowing me to get the carte Gris. They are located on Bld Cessole in Nice and speak English. Phone 0493515769. They will even give you French plates. 

My situation was a bit more complicated than this, but compared to getting my health card, having to register my car was, by far, an easier process. Good luck!