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In 2013 is there a way to change carte gris ownership details online

Posted by JustinJ-301470 - Created: 5 years ago
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Posted by eurokiné-187861 - 5 years ago

there s a place in cagnes sur mer too that does the recption of documents & gives you a reciissé & you recieve the new carte grise by post. No extra charge involved

I believe most feu vert & noorauto type places do it too

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Posted by CHERIE-207793 - 5 years ago

They now send you the carte grise by post anyway even if you go and queue at the  Prefecture (a way of making sure they have the correct address) I recently went and was surprised to be out within the half hour (at opening).  If you go onto the Prefecture website you can download all the papers and send by post, there are also companies who will do it online for you at a cost of approx €30 - those recognised by the prefecture advertise on the website. 

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Posted by ayala - 5 years ago

I went to feu vert, they do it all, brilliant, no stress !!

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Posted by maisonmaison - 5 years ago

no way you can do it online. But if You go to subprefecture in Grasse it is fairly quick process.